The Gym Keg 2.2 Litre Water Bottle Review: Lose The Bottles, Get The Keg !!

As someone who does a lot of walking and bike riding in my extra time, I often have to carry a water bottle or two around to ensure I stay well hydrated during my time out. With a bottle like this, I am able to lose the need to carry multiple bottles around as this can hold 2.2 liters of water.

The design of this water bottle

As the name of the product implies, this is indeed a keg shape but it has a handle to hold it. The keg is available in pink or gray. The one I have is pink so I have given it to my partner instead. It has a metal lid that simply screws on and off of the top. You could either drink straight from the bottle or pour the contents out into a travel cup.

Gym Keg 2.2 Litre Water Bottle

One of the best things about this bottle is that it is BPA free. BPA is a chemical used to make certain resins and plastics and is linked to a few different health problems. Although it is apparently safe in small quantities, a lot of manufacturers of products like this one are deciding against using it in their products. This means the liquid inside the bottle doesn’t get contaminated from BPA which would, of course, result in you drinking the chemical.

The water bottle will fit in a backpack or can be carried in the included drawstring bag. I am actually very impressed with the included bag. The quality is that of a bag you would buy on its own. This really doesn’t look or feel like an extra cheaply made thing to bring more sales. You could even use it for carrying other things around when you’re not carrying the bottle.

In terms of build quality, it’s fantastic. It feels nice and strong and has so far survived being carried around in a bag, quite a lot. I have no doubts that if treated properly this water bottle will last a while.

  Gym Keg 2.2 Litre Water Bottle

In use

With its generous 2.2 liter capacity, this has come in very handy for my partner who has used it for walks she has recently been on. It could also be useful for working or just long days out. She does have to carry it around in her backpack and on a few occasions the provided drawstring bag though due to its size.

It’s easy to clean, providing you have a long bottle brush of course. Simply wash it with warm soapy water and leave it to dry after each use. The one in my house still looks new despite having been used quite a few times.


This is a fantastic water bottle that takes away the need to carry several small bottles and has enough capacity to last a good few hours. It’s very well made and I really can not find a fault with it. I would definitely recommend it.


I received this product at a discounted price from Perserva in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.