GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: Powerful Bright Light For Dark Rides

Welcome to my GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review. For any bike rider who rides during dark hours, a light setup is a necessity that is key to having a safe ride without hurting yourself or others. So an affordable but decent light like this one should be the top of any serious bike rider’s list.

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: Product Features

  • 2 in 1 High Power Cree Headlamp/Bicycle Lamp: can be used as a bike front light and a headlamp with a decent appearance, also be used for purposes like camping, night hike, climbing etc. The battery lasts about 3h on full power,will provide all the punch and power you need.
  • Super bright, powerful and long-lasting light: up to 7000K 1800Lm with Cree XM-L T6 chip and 4 x 18650 batteries which give a total of 10,000 mAh. The light is well spread and can provide a good range of view, without need additional lights, even in pitch black situations.
  • 3 mode lights: high, low power and a strobe function. The first mode is at its highest brightness. It is pretty bright. Do not dare to point this at your eyes.
  • IPX4 waterproof grade: it will withstand light rain easily enough without causing any issues, and endure a variety of weathers given the sealed design and silicon o-ring in place around the lens body.
  • Just plug and play: This bike light can be mounted on your bike handlebar or in your helmet, with the provided mounting hardware. If you have any problem please feel free to contact us at any time!

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: Design

This lamp has been designed to be used two ways. You can mount it to your bike like I have, or you can use it as a headlamp with the included strap. Both methods do require you to attach the large battery pack, so this will add a bit of weight to your person or your bike.

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight

The lamp is a tubular shape with the light at the front and a power button on the back. The body of the lamp is made from metal, which makes this a strong little lamp that can easily put up with any falls or bumps while on the bike. There’s a cable running from the lamp, that connects to the cable running from the power pack.

The power pack is a large-sized unit that consists of four 18650 batteries bundled together to create a 10,000 mAh battery pack, that is capable of providing you with up to 3 hours on the highest brightness. I have tested this and so far the battery seems to be lasting this time frame. There’s a cover provided with the power pack that uses a hook and loop fastening system to secure the power back to your bike frame or your belt.

There is one downside to this setup in terms of design and that’s the weight added to a bike. While the set isn’t too heavy, it’s those small grams that make your bike heavier and harder to haul around. So do bear that in mind.

 GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: Installation

Installing this setup to my bike wasn’t too hard at all. It was a case of simply using the rubber hoop to hook the lamp around my handlebar. Once this was done I simply mounted the power pack to my frame using the hook and loop fasteners. The next task was a little trickier as it was routing the cables from both the lamp and the power pack to one another. In the end, I ended up tucking the cable away under a top bar bag I have on my bike.

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: In use

The light is fantastic and really does help light up the road on dark evenings. I have used it a few times now for dark rides and have found it to work exceptionally well. I can see everything in front of me and I certainly know people can see me coming. Since it has three settings, I tend to keep it on the lowest setting to prevent accidentally blinding anyone with the high setting. There’s also a handy strobe setting that’s perfect for highly foggy evenings or emergencies.

GreenClick LED Bike Headlight Review: Overall

This is a brilliant light setup. It’s easy to install and works really well out on the dark roads. It does add a bit of weight to the bike, so if you’re a serious bike rider who loves time lapping and other such things, you may need to have a think first.