GooDee Home Cinema Projector Review: Over £100, So Is It Good?

The Goodee home cinema projector is a mid-priced projector that aims to turn your living room into a small movie theater. It can be used for movies, presentations, gaming and so much more, I recently got a hold of this projector to share my opinion with you.

Goodee Home Cinema Projector Review: Product features

High-Resolution ▶ GooDee HD Projector have high brightness and 1280*800 native resolution, built-in HD decoder chip supports 1080P video input, will make sure all of your guests were very happy with their quality, built-in stereo speakers(4Ω,5W) with SRS Sound (SRS is currently the best sound technology) make viewers would have an immersed in a cinema.

Big Projection Size ▶ Image size: 32-120 inches, Projection distance: 35″-280″(Distance range 1.2m-8.5m), GooDee HD Projector has the feature of ±15° (vertical) Keystone Correction, number of colors support 1.07 billion, can adjust the picture trapezoidal distortion and Maintains Picture Quality at Awkward Angles, your family not only enjoy large screen experience but also protect your eyes from TV, Smartphone and PC.

GooDee Home Cinema Projector Review

Reduced FAN Noise ▶ Compared to other Projectors in the market, the GooDee HD projector has ultra-silent as it operates with a fan noise of 32db only, which is the same as a high-quality laptop. This translates into less distraction during presentations, or when viewing movies or playing games.

Multiple Connection/Inputs ▶ This GooDee Cinema HD projector supports connection with Computer / Laptop / Mobile / iPhone / iPad / Blu-ray DVD Player / PS3 PS4 / X-Box / X-360 / X-One, also support Multi-function input HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/SD, Two HDMI inputs as well as USB VGA and AV, so you can make this the centerpiece of your home entertainment system.

Services & After Sale ▶ The GooDee home projector have the CCC/CE/FCC/ROHS product certification, come with 1-year warranty for this item from the order date, 1 Month Hassle-free Return, devoted customer service & Technical Support, a replacement or a full refund is available for you within warranty.

Goodee Home Cinema Projector Review: Design

Unlike previous projectors I have used and reviewed, this one isn’t of the mini kind. Instead, it’s quite large with dimensions of 23 x 29 x 12 cm. This makes it similar in appearance to ones you would find in a school or an office building. This large size means the Goodee home cinema projector is able to deliver image sizes from 32 inches to 120 inches, making it a decent enough choice for many types of use. Also possible with a projector this size, is the inclusion of a built-in speaker, which is something this one has, which is a nice surprise as a lot of projectors don’t have their own. It’s not the best speaker ever, but it does provide loud enough volume for a room full of people to hear.

GooDee Home Cinema Projector Review

When it comes to connectivity choices, this projector offers a decent selection including, HDMI, VGA, USB and audio/AV connections too. This means you have the choice of connection your console or TV box to the projector, play media directly from a USB drive or hook your PC up to it, which is perfect for office based presentations. There’s also the added option of connecting an MHL compatible phone to the HDMI port, to display games and media from your phone. Since there are two USB ports and two HDMI ports, you can have more than one of the respected outputs connected at a time, which means switching quickly between a console for another console, for example, is quick and easy. All of the ports are located on the rear of the projector. Also present on the back, below the pluck connector is the main power switch.

The top panel of the projector is home to all of the control buttons, used to navigate the main menu. This isn’t the only way to get around the menus though as a remote control is also included. While the control is pretty basic, it functions well and each button does what you expect it to do.

Goodee Home Cinema Projector Review: Picture quality and menu navigation

With a resolution of 1200*800 this projector is capable of delivering 720p quality images and if you hook up a 1080p device, an encoder inside the projector works it magic to give you an almost real 1080p picture, sure it’s not true fullHD but at this price, I wouldn’t expect it to be. I have used the projector mainly for playing my Xbox One and PS4, both of which run at 1080p. Immediately I noticed just how much better the image quality is better than that of my micro projectors, which all sat below the 720p mark for resolution. Playing games on those ones was an awful experience, but playing games on the Goodee Home Cinema Projector is an amazing experience, especially being projected onto my 90inch projector screen. The only one issue I have had is with regard to the image quality is that for some reason the image always looks a slight bit tilted, which hasn’t caused me too much annoyance, but I would prefer if it wasn’t like that at all.

The menu on the Goodee home cinema projector is rather clean and quite simple to navigate. Everything is clearly marked with no confusion to be caused at all. I really did find it easy to just sink in and get started right away with this projector.

  GooDee Home Cinema Projector Review

Goodee Home Cinema Projector Review: Overall

This projector has certainly surpassed my expectations in terms of image quality. It’s so much better than my mini projectors as it offers a clear image in comparison. It also has other neat features such as the ability to connect to a smartphone and the built-in speaker. Overall I am very impressed with this projector and would certainly recommend it.

Goodee Home Cinema Projector Review: Check it out here

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