Futura 2.5KW Black Oil Filled Radiator Heater Review: Efficient And Easy To Use


Welcome to my Futura 2.5KW Black Oil Filled Radiator Heater review. With winter almost here, and the cold nights and days begin to show, keeping rooms in my house warm is essential but also costly for both my gas and electric. This radiator ensures I only use electric and not too much of it either.

Design and quality:

This is a column style radiator with vertical fins and a control panel. The radiator is finished with a black enamel paint. It has a lovely solid feel to it and comes complete with wheels, although you do need to attach these yourself, which is actually quite easy to do. Once attached the radiator can be freely moved making for easy positioning of it.

Futura 2.5KW Black Oil Filled Radiator Heater

On one end of the fins is a plastic control panel area with some buttons and an LCD display. This area does feel a bit cheap in the quality area. The plastic feels thin and somehow there are bits of dirt under the display area. The Futara branding has already begun to wear off. That said the area is holding up well, even if it’s not too well designed. The buttons I mentioned all have different purposes, which are as follows, adjusting the temperature, changing the temperature unit and a button that even allows you to tell the heater how long to stay on for.

The build quality is pretty good, of course, this doesn’t include the control area which looks and feels quite cheap. The buttons also feel quite loose and require a bit of pushing as well.

  Futura 2.5KW Black Oil Filled Radiator Heater

In use:

I have this radiator set up in a corner of my front room and use it daily, despite having a radiator in there already. I use this because not only is it cheaper, it’s also a known fact that oil heaters don’t dry out the air like normal radiators do. Which is another huge reason to use them over normal radiators.

This one heats up quite quickly and fills my room with warmth in no time. I have been turning it on first thing each morning as my house is extremely cold since my radiators aren’t on during the night. I turn it on just before I take my dog out on his morning walk and by the time I get home the room is lovely and warm. The heater itself is also incredibly quite as it requires no fan to push the heat out and instead relies on its design tp push heat out into the room.


This is a brilliant heater that is easy to use and very fast and efficient. It’s well made, although the control panel is a bit on the cheap side and does have a few annoying little issues. I would recommend this if you are after a decent portable heater.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.