Foxnovo Sand Timer Set Review: A Perfect Sand Timer Set For Things Such As The Thinking Chair Or Brushing Teeth


Welcome to my Foxnovo Sand timer Set review. As the parent of a toddler, I often find myself having to put him in a time out, but have never really used anything but a clock to gather how long he’s been sat down for. As he’s three years old, he goes on the chair for three minutes. This set is perfect for things like this.

Design and build quality:

The set comes with 5 different timers. Each time her as a different amount of time and a different color scheme. The timers and their colors schemes for my set are as listed below.

Foxnovo Sand Timer Set

  • 10-minute timer: This has red top and bottom caps as well as red colored sand.
  • 5-minute timer: This timer has green top and bottom caps with green sand inside it.
  • 3-minute timer: The color scheme of this timer is yellow with both caps and the sand that color.
  • 1-minute timer: This one has blue caps and blue sand.
  • 30-second timer: Unlike the rest, the sand in this one doesn’t match the color of the caps. The caps are black and the sand is white.

As well as the color schemes the only other different between each timer is the amount of sand in them. The 30-second timer has the least sand in it, whilst the 10-minute timer has the most sand in it.

Foxnovo Sand Timer Set

The tubes that surround the glass casings of the sand are made from plastic that does feel like it will break if a bit of pressure is placed on to it. Other than this the quality is ok.

In use:

I have tested each of these timers separately and all at once. I recorded the time they were started and the time they stopped based on the clock on my PC. Give or take the few seconds of lag between the clock hitting a new minute and me starting the timers, these are really accurate. I did the test a few times over to be sure and they just kept being accurate, so I have no issues at all with these in terms of accuracy.


These timers are pretty good. They are very accurate and also very colorful. The only issue I have is the cheap feeling plastic tube that covers over the glass sand chamber.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.