Until You Coin Stealing Cat Money Box Review: A Cute And Novel Way To Save Money

This coin stealing cat money box from Until You is very much a cute way to save up those pennies. It uses a set of batteries to power a cat hidden inside, which slowly opens the lid of the box and swipes the coin off the plate with its paw.

What does the coin stealing cat money box look like?

It looks like a small cardboard box, only it’s made of plastic and weighs a bit more. The box is a typical brown color but you can choose from four different designs including a bamboo-themed box, an orange themed box, a grape themed box and lastly the box I have, which is strawberry themed.

On the top is a small plate-shaped button with a fish skeleton on it. You simply place a coin on this plate and push the button. The coin stealing cat money box will now slowly open to reveal the cat’s head and then stop for a few seconds, while the cat peeks out before lifting its paw out and sliding the coin in. It also makes cat noises as well, although admittedly. the noise sounds like a cat on helium.

On the bottom of the box are two removable covers. One is the coin exit cover which twists on and off and the other is the battery compartment cover. On the listing, it says the screw isn’t in the cover to allow children easier access. This is actually rather stupid as the idea of the cover and the screw is to prevent children playing with the batteries. Whoever thought this really does need to go back to school. Anyway talking of batteries, this coin stealing cat money box is powered by two AA batteries. These don’t come included so you will have to provide your own.

In terms of build quality, this coin stealing money box is well made. The plastic used is strong is strong, while the hinge that the lid sits on is very sturdy with no looseness or creaking. The space it provides is also not that much, but it can hold a decent amount of pennies and other metal coin shaped money.

You Coin Stealing Cat

Entertaining or just a gimmick?

Unfortunately, this does have a gimmick feeling to it as it gets very boring very quickly. The novelty is there but after a while I just want the coin to go in the box and be over and done with, instead of waiting for the cat to take it.

That said it is fun to watch at first and does seem to entertain my son who loves watching the cat pop up and take the coin. Since it’s not really a toy it doesn’t draw his attention for too long though and he’s back onto other things.


This coin stealing cat money box is a novel idea that is a fun way to save up small amounts of pennies. It does get boring quite quickly, but it can be used as a child entertainment device even if for a few minutes at a time.


I received this product at a discounted price from Until You in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.