Bable Baby Travel Cot Review: A Great Travel Cot And Playpen In One


Welcome to my Bable Baby Travel Cot review. As a parent, I have always appreciated the idea of the travel cot. It’s perfect for taking away on holiday or leaving at a relatives house for your child to sleep in if they stay overnight. They can also be used as playpens to keep the child safe as you tidy up or cook food.

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  • Removable full size bassinet
  • Handy diaper stacker and mobile
  • One hand locking mechanism
  • Easy to move with locking wheels
  • Easy compact fold

Design and build quality:

Since travel cots are designed for travel, they are designed to be folded up into a small easy to carry and easy to store package. Everything from the cot to the mattress board can be folded. With this cot, the mattress board wraps around the folded cot and makes use of the straps to stay tightly wrapped around the cot. The toy bat, suspension sheet and its accompanying bars can all slid into the folded cot itself so all of the cot is together when folded. There’s also a green bag with a handle to carry it with.

The color scheme of the cot is rather neutral and suits both a boy or a girl. The colors used are green and brown, with green taking up most of the space. The netting on each wall of the cot is white. There’s also a few showings of the color black and there’s also red brakes for the two wheels.

The build quality is actually really good. In fact, it’s just as good as the O’baby one I had when my son was a few months old. There are no sharp edges and everything is as it should be. The hidden clips in the top bars are well made and a do a fantastic job of keeping the cot upright.

Something this cot has that my O’baby one doesn’t have is a suspended sheet section, that allows you to have the mattress safely suspended higher in the cot, making it perfect for both a newborn baby and his or her parent who won’t have to constantly bend their back into the cot to pick up their little one.

Bable Baby Travel Cot Review

Setup and take down:

Setting this cot up isn’t that hard at, although there were parts where the included manual sheet was useless. One such part is the hanging of the suspension sheet, which isn’t mentioned in the manual at all. While hanging the suspension sheet itself wasn’t too hard, it was a struggle finding where the two pole sets had to go. Turns out these slot into the top of the sheet to create a raised base for the mattress board.

Putting the main part of the cot up simply a case of unwrapping the mattress board from the cot and unfolding the cot. Once unfolded you need to pull on the tab in the center of the base in the cot, keeping this pulled up you then need to pull up each top bar individually while holding the clip area of the bar in your hand, with a slight pull each bar will clip into place. Once all the bars are done you simply need to push the center back down until the cot is stood properly. Now you can either place the mattress board directly into the cot or you can place the suspension sheet to raise the board up.

The suspension sheet comes with four metal bars, these make up two large metal bars. These bars slot into fabric holders that are positioned with two at the top of the sheet and two at the bottom. Once in the mattress simply sits on top of them. Installing the sheet is quite easy, but just like the toy bar it has those thick and very sturdy clips that are also quite tough to clip on.

The included toy bar needs to be slotted together through the fabric tube and then clipped onto the cot. These clips are quite thick, which makes them strong and sturdy but at the same time also very awkward to open and clip into place.

Taking the cot down is really quite easy. Simply remove the toy bar, then the mattress and the suspension sheet if you have used it. Now pull the center back up and simply unlock the top bars by holding the clip area while pushing the clip and pushing down on the bar at the same time. Once all bars are down, the cot simply needs pushing back together. The toys bar and other accessories can be slid into the folded cot before you finally wrap the mattress board around it.

In use:

Since my little boy is three-years-old he’s a bit bog for this, however, I did get a chance to test it when my 8-month-old nephew stayed here a few nights ago. He’s a heavy sleeper and that was maintained even in this travel cot that doesn’t have a traditional cot matress. He went to sleep and had what appears to be a very comfortable sleep. The next day I used it as a playpen for him as I tidied up and again it did a wonderful job.

Now it’s packed away until he stays again, but the good thing is that when it’s folded up and packed away it barely takes up any room at all. It’s actually small enough to fit under my bed for safe out of sight and out of the way storage.


This is an amazing travel cot. It’s well made and really looks the part. It’s perfect for travel or just leaving at a relatives house for when they have your child overnight. I would definitely recommend it to any expecting parents or the parents of a newborn child.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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