Augymer Two In One Bike And Headlight Review: A Good Lamp But It Gets Quite Warm


Welcome to my review of the Augymer Two in One Bike and Headlight. This set it quite different to other bike lights I have reviewed because you can actually wear the light on your forehead as well as mounting it to your bike.

Design and quality:

This light itself consists of two main part, which are the light itself and a detachable battery pack. These two parts connect to together using via cable. When the battery pack needs to be charged you simply connect it to the included plug and plug it into the mains.

The light itself has a strong aluminum alloy body. This makes it nice and tough but also means it gets very warm in use. The battery pack itself is inside a neat little pouch with a strap around it so you can mount the pack to a bike frame if using it as a bike light. Both the battery pack and the light are waterproof so the set can be used even in the wettest of weather.

Augymer Two In One Bike

You have two mounting options with this light, you can either have it mounted to your bike using the mounting kit for a bike or around you head using the included head strap. Both options make use of the two rubber band clips provided. These are really easy to install and do a fantastic job of keeping the light steady. They are also really easy to remove, which makes swapping their use around very easy. The head strap itself is easy to use and adjust, although the mounting area for the lamp is slightly uncomfortable.

With an amazing 10000mAh battery pack, this light gets an astonishing amount of use between each charge. I have only so far had to charge it once and that was the initial charge when it arrived at my door.

In terms of build quality, the light is brilliant. It’s strong and sturdy as is the case with the battery pack. The head strap feels well made and looks pretty decent as well.

In use:

Augymer Two In One Bike

I have been using this as a headlamp for my evening dog walks and so far I am really impressed. The light has three different modes to choose from, which are, bright mode, dimmer mode and flashing mode. I mainly use the bright mode which is fantastic but the other two modes are good too.

As I mentioned in the design section, the light does get very warm during periods of long use. This isn’t just slightly warm, it’s hot enough to give you a little ‘ouch’ if accidentally touched. This does only occur during long periods of use, but it still a slight concern for me.


This is a pretty good bike light/headlamp, with a solid design, great battery pack and three lighting modes that work really well. The only downside to it is that it does get very warm during periods of long use.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.