Aomees LED Torch Review

The Aomees LED torch is a budget-friendly torch which can be purchased from Amazon. The best thing about this torch is that you actually get two in the box for £12.99 (price at the time of review).

Aomees LED Torch Review

If you’re after a sturdy little torch, that comes with a friendly price, then the Aomees LED torch will not disappoint you. It has a 100% solid metal body from top to bottom. Weighing in at 127g, it’s a bit on the heavy side, but not too heavy.

The top end of the Aomees LED torch is removable, in order to access the battery area. When it comes to batteries you have two choices, you can use the standard compartment to insert 3 AAA batteries or you can use the extra compartment to use a single 18650 battery.

Operating the torch is easy thanks to the simple one-button operation. At the top is a green button that takes care of everything. To turn the torch on or off you simply hold the button down and to switch between the five modes you simply press and release the button quickly.

A standard hand strap comes included with each torch, so you can safely keep a hold it without any accidental drops or falls. The strap is already installed but can be removed if you’d want to remove it and replace it with something better.

Aomees LED Torch Review

For a budget torch, I was expecting much in terms of brightness, but I do have to say, it’s a lot brighter than I was expecting. It’s bright enough to light up my back garden at night, which is always dark as it’s nowhere near any street lights. The five modes are fantastic and each one can be sued to serve its own purpose. The modes are as follows:

  • High: For the brightest light available
  • Medium: For a medium brightness
  • Low: For the lowest brightness
  • Strobe: A fast flashing light
  • SOS: A light for alerting others of your presence in an emergency

Overall the Aomees LED torch is a decent torch, both in terms of design and usage. The fact you get two in a pack shows a real value for money approach by the manufacturer. I am honestly surprised by just how good this set is.


  • Twin pack
  • Well made
  • 5 modes
  • Two battery options
  • Quite bright


  • A bit on the heavy side