Albrillo Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp Review: A Funky Looking Light


Welcome to my review of the Albrillo Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp. As far as lamp designs go this certainly is the strangest I have come across. I mean a mushroom shape for a lamp ! What’s the world coming to ?

Design and quality:

Despite what I said in the introduction, I actually like this lamp, the shape while strange is actually pretty nice and makes this lamp stand out quite well on my sideboard. There are two main parts to this lamp, the base area, and the mushroom head top that be bends with the use of a  hand, which is a cool but useless design. The whole thing is colored mainly in white but the base area can be lit up with one of seven colors or set to cycle through all seven at a steady pace. The head lights up a nice white color.

With a height of 208mm, this isn’t a tall lamp, instead, it’s a cute small lamp that looks so adorable. It’s not very wide either with a base diameter of only 115mm and a mushroom head diameter of only 155mm. This size makes it a decent addition to my already crowded sideboard.

Albrillo Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp Review

There are only three buttons on this lamp and yet only two are noticeable right away. Those two buttons live on the base of the lamp and on simply turns the power on for the whole lamp, while the other is used to turn the base light LED on and switch between static color mode and color cycle mode. The third button, which isn’t noticeable right is actually the mushroom head itself, which is actually a touch-sensitive button to turn the white LED light on and off.

Also present on the base is a MicroUSB port for charging the built-in 1800 mAh battery. Fully charging this battery takes about 3 hours as stated by the manufacturer. This makes it really easy to find somewhere to place the lamp. It can be plugged into almost any USB port such as one on a PC or even one on a mobile power bank.

Albrillo Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp Review

Build quality is rather impressive, the lamp has a solid feel to it. Even the flexible mushroom top is nice and sturdy and feels well put together. A shake of the lamp reveals no unexpected rattling noises at all.

In use:

This lamp has a rather cool look to it, both when on and off, but it’s fair to say it really does shine when it comes to the LED lights, which are stunning, especially when combined with the strange but cool appearance of this lamp.

Albrillo Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp Review

I personally prefer to have it cycle through the seven different colors as it creates a lovely effect, but it’s still nice with one fixed color too if that’s what you prefer. Then, of course, there’s the top white light that looks really nice even with the bottom light on. I will say, however, the touch sensitive head is a bit of a pain to use and sometimes requires a few taps to work, but other than that the light is great.


This is a fantastic lamp that looks really cool, even when turned off. The only issue I have found with it is that the touch sensitive head doesn’t always like to work.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.