Aingoo Single Metal Bed Frame Review: A Bed Frame With A Good Price


Welcome to my review of the Aingoo Single Metal Bed Frame. This is metal single bed frame perfect for a child or a single person. It has a low price tag, that makes it wallet friendly for a new house or upgrading from a smaller bed.

Design and setup:

This is a 3ft long bed frame that can support a 90X190 mattress. There is also a double version available. The bed frame is colored black all over, with no other colors used at all, even the nuts and bolts keep the black color.

There are a headboard and a footboard included, that are both part of the fully built-up bed. These aren’t solid items, instead, they each have a series of equally spaced bars in them, the headboard has three while the footboard has two.

Aingoo Single Metal Bed Frame

The center of the frame consists of metal slats connected to each side of it, while a central bar provides the support needed to keep the frame straight and upright. In line with this bar is a leg on each side of the frame.

Setting the frame up wasn’t too hard, although it would have been a bit easier if the manufacturer’s had stuck a small sticker on each bad part to ensure the right parts are going in the right places. There were stickers on the nuts and bolt bags, but not on the pieces that make up the frame.

Two people are recommended for assembling this and unfortunately, at the time I put it up, I was on my own, which meant the experience was awful and full of bad words. That said I did finally manage to get it up, but it would have been a lot easier with another person involved as suggested.

Aingoo Single Metal Bed Frame

In use:

This bed isn’t for my house which is why as you can see from my photos it has been assembled in my kitchen. Instead, I am giving it to a family member, but as a reviewer, I had to ensure I tested it properly, which meant putting it together and lying on it of course.

Once together I found the bed to be quite sturdy, although certain areas like the bars on the headboard and footboard were slightly loose, even though they were tightened enough. For the most part, though it’s very sturdy.

My son’s 90X190 mattress sits on the bed quite well, with no overlapping areas and lying on it revealed no strength issues as the bed happily stayed up without moving or feeling like it’s going to collapse.


This bed frame is actually better than I thought, especially for the low price. It has a few small issues but is something I would definitely recommend if you need a cheap single bed frame.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.