Aukey Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Review

Kindly sent in by Aukey for a heavily discounted price, we have their Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. (Receiving this product at a discounted price, has had no effect on my overall opinion).

Listed below are bestselling Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

  • Enjoy a soothing aromatic mist with Aglaia Essential Oil Diffuser, less fatigued, better well-being and a healthier environment
  • Ultrasonic diffusing keeps the goodness of the essential oil and make them easier to diffuse with aromatic mist
  • Healthy anions are created when water is ultrasonic diffused, anions cleans the surrounding air and reduce radiation from computer and natural environment
  • 7-color LED provides soft light therapy, adds color to your working and living environment, makes eye less fatigued
  • Package Content: Aglaia BE-A5 Essential Oil Diffuser, Power adapter, User manual, 18 Month worry-free warranty and friendly customer support


This is a beautiful looking diffuser that looks absolutely stunning on my fireplace in my front room. It starts off as an upside down bowl shape that begins to form a funnel pipe towards the top that allows the mist to exit the diffuser. The material used is plastic all around, but it doesn’t look cheap, it actually looks like a premium design .

The diffuser comes in three main parts, the bowl for filling with water and the essential oil, a spout cover that sits on top of the interior of the bowl and of course the lid which is shaped to fit over the spout cover.

The diffuser also not only makes your room smell nice, it also helps to light it up, thanks to the 7 different colours produced by its built-in LED system. You can choose to use one colour or have the diffuser cycle through them at a nice pace by using a button on the front that is for the lights.

On the front of the diffuser are 3 buttons, which are:

  • Light button: For choosing the colour or set-up you want.
  • Power button: For turning the diffuser on and selecting a mist active time from the following, 1HR, 3HR, 6HR or permanently on.
  • Mist button: For selecting whether you want high mist or low mist.

There are also four lights, which tell you what time setting from the power button section above, you have the diffuser on.

At the bottom of the diffuser is the DC in port for providing a power source to the unit.


In use:

Setting the diffuser up for use is quite easy and thanks to the instructions provided, you will have no problems, it is literally a case of filling the water tank with tap water, then adding the oil, putting the diffuser back to together and plugging it in.

This is one of the best diffusers I have used.The combination of the mist and coloured lights on this diffuser make stressful times into relaxing times. I love that I am able to choose between high or low mist settings, I love alternating between both, starting off high and then lowering it. I love all the colours produced by the LED system and have it set to cycle through each colour. The timing selection is also great as it allows for you to set how long you want the mist to be produced for before switching off, you can have any of the times mentioned earlier or just have it permanently on.


A brilliant and stylish looking diffuser that really helps to relieve all of that stress as well as making your room smell nice. It has one of the best mist outputs I have experienced and you can actually see the difference between high and low mist.

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