Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer Review: Get Rid Of Nose Hair On The Go

The Hlyoon nose hair trimmer is a pocket-sized device that is waterproof. It can be used to trim nose hair, ear hair and facial hair, although it is best at hair trimming over the other two.

Hlyoon nose hair trimmer design

In terms of design, there isn’t much to the Hlyoon nose hair trimmer. It’s a pen-shaped device but is, of course, much thicker than a pen. It’s colored black with silver trimming running along the center of it.

At the top is a removable lid that once removed exposes the trimming blade area. This lid is easy to take off and put back with no issues at all. The center part of the device is home to a power slider that is a bit stiff to move, but with a bit of force, it does move. At the bottom is another removable cover, this time it protects the battery area and instead of pulling off and clipping back on, it twists on and off. Talking of the battery, this is powered by a single AA battery, which lasts quite a while, although you will have to provide your own as one isn’t included. Present under the removable battery bottom is a rubber seal that ensures water can’t enter the insides of the device.

Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Using the Hlyoon nose hair trimmer

The Hyloon nose hair trimmer has three uses, you can use it for your nose as the name implies, your ears and even facial hair. I have found it to work great for nose hair as it seems to get each hair with ease and without causing any pain. For ears, it works well but could be better as I often felt it against the skin and did feel like it didn’t do a good job cutting the hair down, but it did at least do something and the same is to be said of the facial hair trimmer.


The Hlyoon nose hair trimmer is a brilliant device for trimming those pesky nose hairs, it’s also good for ear and facial hair but could be a lot better, although to be honest the fact it does these is good enough for me.