Ocean Wave Light Projector Review

An ocean wave light projector is one of those things I wish I’d had a long time ago. I say this because I suffer from anxiety and often need to drag myself into calm situations and that’s exactly what this device helps me to do. The idea behind it is to projector a wave of light onto a ceiling as it plays some of the most calming sounds available. Yes, you read that right, it doesn’t just project light, it plays sounds too, with help from the built-in speaker. This means it also doubles up nicely as a speaker for devices such as mobile phones and portable audio devices.

When I look at the design of this ocean wave light projector, I am instantly reminded of a bowl shape, albeit a rather sleek-looking bowl shape. The top part is a bowl shape, while the bottom resembles a pedestal, on which the bowl part sits. The bottom is home to the connection ports, a microSD slot and of course all required basic function buttons. The top part is home to the lighting system as well as the speaker. The top part sits on a pivot that can be manually moved backward and forwards with a hand for a variety of different positions.

  Ocean Wave Light Projector Review

There’s also a remote control included, that allows you to change the color of the light, set a timer, switch between static and flashing lights, change the rotation mode and even switch between sounds/music being played. It’s a rather chunky remote and does feel quite cheap in the hand. It is powered by three AAA batteries, although you will have to provide these yourself.

Ocean Wave Light Projector Review

Since it can be connected to a mobile device and used as a speaker, I must admit I am disappointed to see that Bluetooth has not been used as a connection choice, instead, you get the choice of using a microSD card or plugging your device into the speaker via a 3.5mm audio cable. The lack of Bluetooth is a disappointment as most new phones lack a microSD card or an audio jack.

I have to say I do feel a lot calmer when I’m sat on my own in the front room, with nothing but the ocean wave projector on and no one else around. The light show it produces combined with the relaxing sounds is enough to calm my mood into a state of relaxations. I should mention you get sounds such as wildlife in a jungle, the ocean waves combined with birds tweeting and a few more, of course, if you’d like you can download some similar noises onto your phone or microSD and play from there too. There are various lighting modes, all of which seem to have great results.

Ocean Wave Light Projector Review

It’s not just me that feels these effects either, my partner feels them too and regularly uses this to relief herself after a long hard day. She often feels much calmer and enjoys using the device to its full potential.

As for listening to normal music, through it, well it works, but it’s no replacement for a normal portable Bluetooth enabled speaker. That is for sure. So don’t be thinking it’s going to bring life to your tunes, because that’s not the main purpose of this device, although having a light show to go with the music is cool.

Overall I am impressed with this ocean wave light projector. It works extremely well in both my and my partner’s opinions. It has certainly helped us to calm down on those hard days. There’s not much to hate about it, other than its lack of Bluetooth and that truly cheap feeling remote control.


  • Easy to use
  • Doubles as an external speaker
  • Great light effects


  • Cheap remote
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity