Ms W Electric Callus Remover Review: A Two In One Callus Remover And Nail Polisher


Welcome to my Ms W Electric Callus Remover review. If you have ever seen the horrible sight of calluses and have wondered how to remove them, then something like this is ideal for you. Oh as well as removing calluses it can also be used to polish your nails.

Callus Remover Professional Electronic Pedicure Foot File - Remove Hard Callused Dead and Cracked Skin (Blue)
  • TRY: Risk free - Compare with other models and see the results for yourself! If you are not satisfied in any way, simply return it for a full refund.
  • EFFECTIVE: Gently and effectively buffs away hard, dead, calloused, dry and cracked skin on the feet with ease. Watch the video and see it in real life action.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Experience beautiful and smooth skin in the comfort of your own home. Save money on costly pedicures. No metal scrapers or blades. Ready to use immediately right out of the box.
  • HYGIENIC: Water resistant - can be washed and cleaned under water.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Manufactured from commercial grade materials for professional and commercial use.

Design and build quality:

This is the smallest and most hand-friendly callus remover I have ever come across. The rest I own are all slightly bigger with a long tube-shaped handle, this one instead has an almost semi-circle shaped body and a size that allows it to sit in the palm of my hand without any of it hanging over the side.

On the exterior of the device is a power button that is used to turn the device on and off as well as switch between the two power modes. At the top is the roller head holding area. This is where the heads are placed and from they spin using the motor inside the device. To the right-hand side of this is a blue button that is used to release the roller heads from the holder. Talking of the heads, this comes with two file heads for removing calluses and one plastic head that isn’t used for calluses, it is instead used to hold the nail polishing attachments that come with the set. This plastic roller sits in the holding area but is prevented from spinning by two grooves.

Ms W Electric Callus Remover Review

At the bottom of the device is a MicroUSB port for charging the built-in battery. The battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and can last 4 to 5 hours. While this doesn’t sound long, don’t forget you are most likely to use this device for five minutes at a time, which means you will get quite a few uses from it. My partner has used it several times already from a single charge and the battery is still going strong.

The product has a blue and silver coloring with each color taking up an almost equal amount of space. The shell is made from a thick plastic. Other than the removable heads there are no removable parts to this device. That means there’s no battery cover or removable battery.

It does have a slight weight to it, but this is often a sign of a good quality product. Giving it a shake reveals no loose sounding parts inside and from the outside, everything looks perfect. I have no issues with the quality of this product at all.

In use:

My partner loves products like this as she does get a lot of calluses on her feet and a lot of dry skin. So she has been using the product herself and has so far seen brilliant results. Her feet are a lot smoother and it’s easy to see and feel. Then there’s also the nail attachments, which she has been making use of to polish her nails.

Using the device is really quite simple as it only has one button for operational purposes. One touch of this button turns the device one and sets it at low-speed, a second touch sets it to high-speed and finally a third touch turns it off altogether.

Removing and replacing the rollers is also quite an easy job. Simply press the button on the side of the device to release the holder while at the same time pulling the roller out with your hand. To put it back simply push the end with the square tip into the left-hand hole of the holder before the right-hand side of the roller down. A click occurs if done correctly.


This callus remover is well designed and very easy to use. It has a built-in battery, which is something I haven’t before experienced in a callus remover. Both me and my partner agree this is a decent product.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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