Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Warm Hands And A Charged Phone

Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Introduction and product features

First of all, welcome to my Handfan hand warmer review. The first thing I should point out is that even though the brad is ‘Handfan’ there, no fan here at all, just a hand warmer, which also doubles as a mobile power bank with a capacity of 5200mAh. With the winter months almost here and the coldness already kicking in, during these autumn months, a device like this could prove to be quite handy.

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The following product features list is taken directly from the Amazon product listing for this product.

  • ☂【Human Engineering】According to the shape of the person’s palms grip design, When your hands holding this Hand warmer is feeling very comfortable/ample.Handwarmer can be filled with your palm/360 °.The cells in every corner of your palm can immediately feel the temperature at which the temperature rises.Heating efficiency is greatly improved.
  • ☂【Small / lightly】This Hand warmer is 146g and Small.You take it to ski and play golf/hockey, it is difficult to feel it in the pocket/pants pocket.
  • ☂【Charging Fast】Charing Time for Power Bank is 3.5H.Working hours are 3.5~7H.(Measured at 27 ° C ambient) .Low level 37-42°C/ 98.6-107.6℉ ,Middle level 43-48°C/ 109.4-118.4℉ ,High level 49-54°C/ 120.2-129.2℉.
  • ☂【Intelligent temperature control】:red light flash when the inner battery temperature is higher than 45℃,charging for power bank is not allowed, Protect the battery.
  • ❤【Care for Raynaud’s syndrome】People with Raynaud’s syndrome are very painful in the winter.We are committed to reducing the sales price of patients with Renault syndrome by 5%.We hope you will spend a warm winter.(Please contact HandFan service)

Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Design

The Handfan Hand Warmer has a hand-friendly design, by this I mean it has been designed to be comfortably held with fingers wrapped around it, creating a clenched fist look. This is thanks to a groove on both sides in the middle section of the hand warmer. For me, this groove works really well and makes holding the device an easy and hassle-free task.

Since this also doubles up as a mobile power bank, there a couple of ports located on the top edge of the device. These ports are a MicroUSB port for charging the internal battery and a USB A port for connecting an external device such as a smart phone. Also present on this edge is a torch and a set of four LED status lights. Three of the status lights are used to inform the user of how much power remains within the hand warmer’s internal battery and the fourth one is used to indicate which mode the hand warmer is in.

The small size of the hand warmer makes carrying it around in a pocket a very easy task. It sits nicely in my coat pocket and even my jeans. This means it’s also easy to get out when my hands are feeling a bit cold.

Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Charging performance

Charging the built-in battery of the hand warmer from flat to 100% takes about 3.5 hours from a PC USB port. This isn’t a bad time considering the battery inside has a capacity of 5000mAh. Charging my phone took roughly 5 hours from a flat battery, which is a bit slow. Depending on how often you have used the hand warming mode, you may not even get a full charge from it. For me, it’s been a case of getting a full charge only when I have not used the hand warming mode at all between charge cycles.

While 5000mAh is the listed capacity, it’s important to realize this isn’t what you will get in the end. With this product, you are likely to get between 3500mAh and 4500mAh. This isn’t an issue, it’s simply how power banks work.

Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Hand warming performance

The first thing you should know about the hand warming mode is how to activate it. Simply hold the power button down until the mode light is orange, this is usually about three seconds of holding the button down. Once the light is orange it symbolizes the heating mode and within a matter of seconds, the device starts to warm up. It’s not too warm either, so it’s not going to burn you. In fact, the temperature it goes to is quite comfortable and is just right to help bring the hands back to a healthy temperature, eliminating the risk of frostbite, especially in this cold Autumn going on Winter month.

Handfan Hand Warmer Review: Overall

The Handfan hand warmer may have a contradictory name but it certainly works as you’d expect when it comes to warming up hands. The fact it doubles up as a power bank as well is just brilliant. It’s a nifty two in one device that will see you with warm hands and ensure your phone doesn’t die on you when you need it the most.


  • Two in one device for hand warming and phone charging
  • Small and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Easy to use
  • Great at warming the hands


  • Slower than other portable batteries at charging my phone

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