BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review: Comfort For Any Chair

Welcome to my BackCares memory foam back cushion review. If like me, you find yourself sat behind a desk quite a lot doing work, then you are probably all too well aware of just how bad it can be for your back. I have often found my back hurting after long periods of sitting down on my PC chair.

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review: Product features

• A SUPPORTIVE HUG OF YOUR BACK: Top quality manufacture in this 100% pure memory foam back cushion guarantees maximum health benefits and peerless longevity. Let this ergonomic back support lumbar cushion hug protectively your back, moulding to your shape to offer your spine excellent alignment, help you adopt the right posture and relieve pain in the lower back!

• TARGETED RELIEF: With the ergonomic Adjustable Triangle Strap and the universal curved design, this high-end BackCares memory foam pillow will orthopedically support your spine, preventing lower back pain. Place it on the back of the chair at home, in the office, in the car, truck, bus, train or plane and it will offer the most comfortable support to the lumbar area for optimal convenience in long sitting hours.

• THE PRACTICAL ADJUSTABLE TRIANGLE STRAP: Our premium back support cushion features one heavy-use adjustable strap that can be tightly secured to the back of the seat, so that the cushion does not fall or slide down the chair. Relieve your back from tension and stay comfortably upright with the best lumbar support cushion on the market!

• 3D WASHABLE MESH COVER: The 100% hypoallergenic, breathable mesh cover of this premium chair lumbar cushion allows the airflow through the cushion material, keeps away moisture and offers your back a cool, dry and healthy support. Conveniently removable and washable, it makes a velvety-feel, yet durable cover for long reliable use!

• NO QUESTIONS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: At BackCares we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our memory foam seat cushion and back it with 30-Day full refund policy. If, however, you are not positively thrilled with your new lumbar cushion, we ‘ll be glad to fully return your money!

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review: Design

The BackCares memory foam back cushion has been designed with the idea of keeping the back in a healthy and happy state. For this reason, it only makes sense that the cushion has a curved design that allows it to naturally form around the back and sides of the user. Since it’s a memory foam cushion it does a fantastic job of wrapping around the body.

I love that it also comes with a removable cover, that makes it easy to wash. Simply remove the cover when it’s dirty or smelly and simply give it a wash. Removing and replacing the cover is really simple as it simply pulls off and slips back on. The cover is also breathable, meaning it shouldn’t make your back sweat at all or too much on the hotter days of the year.

On the back of the cushion is a three-point harness that is used to secure the cushion to a chair. It’s an elastic strap system but can be adjusted to fit most types of chairs, although I only just managed to make it fit my chair, which does suggest it may not be so good for bigger chairs.

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review: In use

I just have to say it, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get one of these, but I wish I had gotten one sooner. It’s a  godsend, especially on long days where I’m sat typing away at my desk. Days that used to end with a backache, now end with joy and no pain.

It’s really made sitting at my desk less of a chore on my back. It’s so comfortable and I can literally feel the memory foam grasping and learning my back shape to give me the ultimate comfort feeling. I honestly find myself no longer wanting to get up, because I’m just so comfortable when using this cushion.

BackCares Memory Foam Back Cushion Review: Overall

This cushion has turned my horrible days of sitting down and typing, into much happier days, thanks to the impact being taken away from my back. The cushion is well made and I’m quite impressed with the removable cover, which makes keeping this thing clean extremely easy. In my opinion, this is a must have for anyone who finds themselves sat at a desk most of the time.