AGPtek Folding Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole Review: A Strong Foldable Hiking Pole

Welcome to my AGPtek Folding Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole review. If you do a lot of hiking or know somebody who has trouble walking, then poles like these may be a good idea. Instead of a solid pole, this one is a collapsible pole which makes it great for traveling.

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles - 3K Carbon Fiber Walking or Hiking Sticks with Quick Adjustable Locks (Set of 2)
  • DURABLE 3K CARBON FIBER: Built with 2x2 twill weaved carbon fiber strong enough to handle pressure from all angles is stronger than normal carbon and naturally anti shock suppresses vibration and noise.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT POLES – 8 oz. or 1/2 a pound - Our Carbon Fiber poles provide hikers, walkers, backpackers, campers and many more the best option for a light weight strong pole. You will feel the difference when on long hikes or daily walks
  • QUICK LOCK & EXTENDABLE: Need to adjust your pole height when trekking up a hill, or a downward slope? Our quick lock will support you during all your adventures, it’s easy use and reliable for holding the pole at the desired height ranging from 26”- 54”
  • COMFORTABLE CORK GRIP: Cork grips provide exceptional comfort, lower the vibration as you step, and wicks away sweat. Our poles also include tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist straps. BONUS tip kit includes: snow basket, boots, small rubber feet
  • WE STAND BEHIND OUR BRAND: Let us know if we can help you with your trekking needs or replace any parts under . Our poles were designed to fit the needs of women, men, and kids hiking trips. Try our poles out for your next adventure!


The pole consists of three main sections all linked together by a thick elastic string. This allows the poles to be detached from one another while still being held together by the elastic string. There’s also a removable handle area. When I say removable, it’s actually designed to allow you to extend the pole by an extra 130cm. if you go beyond this point the word stop appears on the pole and if you beyond this, it simply pulls out. This handle is locked in place by using the clip bolt on the side.

The three main poles are a bit awkward to lock into place due to the plastic grommets within each pole not being centralized, which means more often than not I have had to fiddle about with each section before they each finally lock into place.

AGPtek Folding Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole Review

Once they are in place and locked, which is done by twisting the poles so the arrows on each line up with locked padlock on the opposite pole. Once all of this is done, the pole feels nice and secure with no looseness.

At the bottom of the pole is a thick rubber tip that is removable, and replaceable. Since this is rubber it will most likely wear out quite quickly on rough surfaces. The handle of the pole is made of a thick foam like material, which is slightly squeezable and does feel very comfortable. There’s also a strap to ensure the pole stays attached to your body.

In use:

I will be giving this to my granddad as he has trouble walking, but I have tested it myself as well. I used it on a short 2-hour hike through some woods and in all honesty, it was really good. I did have it get stuck once and with all the twisting and pulling I did cause the mid sections to detach from each other. I only had this issue once, but from other reviews, it seems to be an issue that occurs when the pole get stuck and needs a lot of effort to pull out.


This pole is fantastic. It’s well made and very easy to use. The handle is extendable and the pole feels really sturdy. The fact the pole can be folded down for easy storage is simply the icing on the cake.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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