GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review: A Great Set Of Bike Lights For A Decent Price

The GVDV USB rechargeable bike light set is a set of one front light and one rear light. Both lights features LED technology as well as built-in rechargeable batteries. They also feature toolless installation for a quick and hassle-free mounting experience.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review: Product features

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are so confident that you’ll love this light set that we are offering the BEST guarantee on the market. If you aren’t happy with your light for ANY reason, let us know.

USB RECHARGEABLE Bike Lights – Stop wasting your money on batteries! Special designed light beam will produce wide and flat lights instead of round beam, gives you a wider view without wasting energy and blinding oncoming pedestrian/riders.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review

EASY INSTALLATION: Installs in seconds and NO TOOLS required. It will fit all bikes: oversized Road Bikes, Commuter City Bikes

AUTOMATIC POWER SAVING: Optimization of optical reflection rings and electronic circuit design could achieve high performance and low power consumption. Bike headlight with 2600MAH lithium polymer battery can run 4 hours for half mode,8 hours in full mode

AMAZING VALUE: Includes 1 USB front light, 1 USB rear light, 1 Charging cable, 1 Base Pad,1 Rubber band, along with a user manual.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review: Design

The front light of the set is rather a bit ‘meh’ in terms of design and has a rather big footprint, in comparison to the light on my housemate’s road bike. The length of it and square shape do make it perfect for using as a normal torch as well, so that’s a bonus to this design.

On the exterior, there’s pretty much not much to see other than a button on the top and a USB port for charging the light, which is covered by a rubber flap. The top half of the light is silver, while the bottom half is black.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review

Inside the front light is a 2600mAh lithium polymer battery, which can be charged using a microUSB cable, either your own or the one included in the box. I have charged the light only once and since it’s summer time now, I haven’t done much night-time riding, so can’t really comment about how long it lasts.

Mounting the front headlight to my mountain bike’s handlebars was as simple as turning on a tap. This is thanks to the extremely easy to use quick release clamp that the light mounts to when in use. The clamp simply sits around the bar and then closes around it, once this is done you simply push the hand screw into place and twist it until the clamp is tightly clamped around the bar. Now you simply slip the light on and you’re done. To remove the light from the clamp, all you have to do is push the clip to release the lock and slide the light off.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review

The rear light is much smaller than the front light and takes up less space. Its design is hard to explain, but it does look like it belongs on a bike. It’s modern and sleek and just like the front light is home to a button and a USB port covered by a flap.

Just like the front light, the rear light contains a rechargeable battery. This time it’s much smaller at 180mAh. Just like the front light, I haven’t had much opportunity to use this as most of my recent bike riding has been during daylight.

The mounting system for the rear life is super easy to set up. Simply put light against your bike’s seat pole and use the included rubber strap to secure it. Very easy to do, with no issues at all. The strap holds the light really well, even when I’m out riding on bumpy surfaces with my mountain bike.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review: In use

Both lights perform exceptionally well in dark situations. While I haven’t done much night-time riding, I have had a bit of testing time up and down my street after hours with these both activated and can honestly say I do feel safe with them on.

Unfortunately, while both lights offer two settings namely a high and low mode, they don’t offer a fast flash mode at all. The back light’s low mode does have flash slowly but it’s not very noticeable at all. Luckily both lights are lovely and bright and work really well in the dark.

GVDV USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Review: Overall

The GVDV USB rechargeable bike light set is a brilliant set that offers an easy setup experience and bright lights that work really well. The missing flashing light feature is a bit of a shame but is something I can live without.

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