GooQee 340ml Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser Review: A Cleaner Way To Wash Your Hands


Welcome to my GooQee 340ml Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser review. This 340ml automatic soap dispenser from GooQee is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom area. It allows you to retrieve soap without having to make any contact with a dispenser, this means cross contamination can’t occur like it can on a normal push down dispenser.


Constructed from a mix of ABS plastic and stainless steel with a look that almost resembles a kitchen tap, this automatic dispenser really does look quite nice, particularly on my kitchen windowsill above my sink.

The dispenser itself is really straight forward and not at all complicated to use. It has one switch, which is located on the bottom, this switch allows you turn the dispenser on and switch between chine mode and no chime mode. In chime mode, the dispenser lets out a little musical chime to tell you the soap has finished dispensing. When this mode is off the chime will not play.

Next to the power switch is a battery compartment, this holds 4 AAA batteries and is also water sealed to prevent any liquid getting in. The batteries don’t come included so you will have to provide your own. I am currently using rechargeable batteries as it means I can save money in the long run.

On the back end of the dispenser is, of course, the liquid tank which in this case can hold a maximum of 340ml of liquid soap. It should be noted that there should be at least 40ml of liquid soap in the tank before using the dispenser.

Around the front just below the dispensing area is a sensor that senses movement beneath it and automatically activates the dispenser and pushes out 4ml of soap. This 4ml of soap is fixed and cannot be changed by the user.

At the top is a removable lid, this is where you pour your soap into the dispenser. The hold is large enough for most standard soap bottles to be tipped into. Once done simply replace the lid and you’re ready to go.

GooQee 340ml Touchless Automatic

In use:

This automatic soap dispenser works really well. The movement sensor is spot on and always seems to instantly react to movement underneath it, although it doesn’t stop quick enough if you do move your hand away prematurely which can leave a bit of soap wasted on the worktop.

I would say roughly that this soap dispenser is used between 4 to 8 times a day in my household and so far it’s still almost full, which shows that the dispenser isn’t pushing out a wasteful amount of soap during use.

The only thing that is baffling me is the cleaning process. You are told not to run water through the dispenser which means when you run out of soap you simply pour the new soap into the dispenser on top of the last lot of soap. Maybe it’s an easy thing to clean but for now, I have no idea.


This automatic soap dispenser not only looks good but works really well too. I am slightly confused as to how it should be cleaned though as you aren’t allowed to run water through it.


I received this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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