GoFriend Portable Hydration Bladder Cleaning Set Review


Welcome to my GoFriend Portable Hydration Bladder Cleaning Set review. If like me you own a hydration bladder then you know just how hard it can be to clean them properly. Since they are used to store water and often made from a mixture of rubber and plastic they can become subject to terrible levels of bacterial growth. Since you can’t use detergent to clean bladder packs it’s even harder. This set aims to make the job a whole lot easier.

TAGVO Hydration Bladder Tube Brush Cleaning Kit, 6 in 1 Water Bladders Cleaning Set - Long Brush, Small Brush, Big Brush, Collapsible Hanger, 12 x Cleaning Tabs, Carrying Pouch
  • ALL IN ONE CLEANING KIT: our water bladder cleaning brush kit including 1- bigger brush, 1 - small brush, 1 - flexible long tube brush, 1- hanging frame for drying, 1 - carrying bag and 12 - cleaning tablets, universal for Camelbak hydration reservoir cleaning.
  • FLEXIBLE SNAKE BRUSH: excellant for hose cleaning;
  • SMALLER BRUSH: perfect for mouth piece cleaning;
  • BIGGER BRUSH: used for water bladder cleaning;
  • COLLAPSIBLE FRAME: designed for bladder drying, can be squeezed together to fit inside the bladder and allow it to air dry, suitable for any brand bladder with Maximum mouth opening 4.7" and Minimum mouth opening 1.6".
Reservoir Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit - 6-In-1 Water Reservoir Cleaning Kit Of 3 Brushes, Collapsible Frame, (12) Cleansing Tablets & Carry Pouch - Cleaner Set For Back Pack Bladder
  • GET A COMPLETE CLEANING KIT FOR YOUR HYDRATION PACK BLADDER including 1 long, 1 small and 1 flexible cleaning brush, 1 collapsible frame for drying, 12 cleansing tabs and 1 carrying pouch in a great value set.
  • KEEP YOUR 2L OR 3L HYDRATION BLADDER CLEAN: Reach easily remote areas of your backpack bladder, clean the mouthpiece and let it air dry. The cleansing tablets ensure your gear remains perfectly clean.
  • INVEST IN A LONG-LASTING BLADDER CLEANING KIT: We make our collapsible bladder frame from a strong, durable material and our cleaning brushes with sturdy bristles, which will resist heavy daily use.
  • Treat a loved hiker, runner, sports addict or globetrotter to a special. Help them keep their 2 liter or 3 liter hiking water bladder perfectly healthy at all times.
  • GET THIS HYDRATION BLADDER CLEANING KIT 100% RISK-FREE: If you are not 100% happy with our product, just contact us and we will send a fast replacement or full refund of your money.
Hydration Reservoir Backpack Cleaning Tablets - (30 Tablets) for Reservoir Pack or Hydration Bladder Kit, Individually Packed, Quickly Removes Stubborn Stains & Odors (1)
  • ✔️Powerful Formula: We are tested & proven to clean in a way that no amount of soap, boiling water, or scrubbing could compare- cleaning even the toughest stains and odors.
  • ✔️The tablets are made from 100% natural, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients so that it’s safe for both you and the environment. No toxic chemicals used!
  • ✔️Quick, Easy Cleaning: No scrubbing required. The mild bubble starts cleaning instantly in contact with water so that you can enjoy a clean, fresh tasting beverage in minutes.
  • ✔️Stays Clean: The formula prevents residue buildup to keep reservoirs clean for longer, letting you enjoy the tasty water without a hassle.
  • ✔️Quality Cleaning Anywhere: All tablets are packaged individually, so you can clean your reservoir anywhere using just a bit of water. No equipment needed- perfect for camping, traveling, and sports!
2 Packs Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit, 8 in 1 Water Bladder Cleaning Brush Kit Includes Flexible Long Bladder Brush for Hose Small Bite Valve Brush Big Brush Drying Collapsible for Bladder (Blue)
  • 8 In 1 Cleaning kit: Made of quality materials, it cleans your hydrated bladder, water storage tank or water bottle effectively, no dirt; Contains 2 packs very soft and brush cleaning kit that cleans your equipment thoroughly without causing any effect
  • Versatile: small bladder brush is ideal for mouthpiece cleaning; Water bladder cleaning kit is specially designed for beverage hose cleaning; Its long shape realizes the flexible function, effectively cleans the dirt inside the hose, practical and useful; Available with different types of brush cleaning kit, you can use these different brushes to clean most of the areas you want
  • Effective Cleaning: the largest opening is 4.7 inches, the smallest opening is 1.6 inches, also has a good cleaning effect, in addition we also offers different brushes for cleaning; Before doing cleaning, you should make sure your bladder is completely dry to avoid freezing, as ice can affect your mouthparts and hoses
  • Nice Outdoor Option: Hydration bladder brush cleaning kits are made of quality stainless steel; All bladder do not rust, ensuring long term use of the brush cleaning kit; Thoroughly clean your bladder, tube and drying collapsible for bladder frame, this cleaning kit is a true fit for any outdoor type
  • Warm Notice: If you have any questions about our bladder cleaning kit, please email us
InnerFit Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit - 5 in 1 Water Bladder Cleaning Kit for Universal Bladders - 3 Brushes - 1 Collapsible Frame - 1 Carrying Pouch
  • ✅ WHILE OTHER CLEANING KITS COME WITH substandard brushes which are either loosing their bristles overtime or can damage your water bladder because of sharp points, the InnerFit hydration pack cleaning kit contains very SOFT and DURABLE brushes that will THOROUGHLY CLEAN your gear without causing any damage.
  • ✅ EXTEND THE LIFESPAN of your hydration gear by using the long brush to clean the reservoir. Let it dry thanks to the collapsible frame which enables air to flow inside naturally and further KEEP YOUR GEAR SAFE AND HEALTHY by cleaning the entire hose with the snake brush as well as the mouthpiece with the small brush specially designed for it.
  • ✅ KEEP YOUR KIT FRESH WITH the additional mesh carrying pouch. Our customers love it as it lets your cleaning accessories dry easily and helps to conveniently keep them together.
  • ✅ INNERFIT PRO-TIP: in order to maintain your hydration bladder in the best possible conditions, store it inside your FREEZER COMPARTMENT after cleaning it with your kit. Make sure your bladder is completely dry before doing so to avoid ice to form inside (ice could potentially harm your mouthpiece and hose).
  • ✅ OUR MISSION is to empower the outdoors enthusiasts to fully enjoy the active moments of their lives. The InnerFit hydration bladder cleaning kit is manufactured with top quality materials and designed to make the user experience as best as it can get.
2 Packs Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit, 10 in 1 Water Bladders Cleaner Set with Flexible Long Brush for Hose, Small Bite Valve Brush, Big Brush, Drying Collapsible Bladder Frame, Carrying Pouch
  • 【10 In 1 cleaning kit】made of safe and quality materials, it cleans your hydrated bladder, water storage tank or water bottle effectively; Contains 2 packs very soft and sturdy brush cleaning kit that cleans your equipment with regular dish soap thoroughly without causing damage
  • 【Great for cleaning】small bladder brush is wonderful for mouthpiece cleaning; Water bladder cleaning kit is specially designed for beverage hose cleaning; Its long shape realizes the flexible function, effectively cleans the dirt inside the hose; Features different types of brush cleaning kit, you can use these optional brushes to clean most of the areas you want
  • 【Effective cleaning】the maximum mouth opening of the collapsible hanger is approx. 4.7 inches and minimum mouth opening is 1.6 inches, in addition, we also offer different brushes for cleaning; Before cleaning, you should make sure your bladder is completely dry to avoid freezing, as the ice can damage the mouth parts and hoses
  • 【Awesome outdoor option】hydration bladder brush cleaning kits are made of quality stainless steel; The bladder does not rust, ensuring long term use of the brush cleaning kit; Thoroughly clean your bladder, tube and drying collapsible for bladder frame, this cleaning kit is a true fit for any outdoor type
  • 【Powerful function】hydration pack cleaners contains: 2 x bigger brushes, 2 x small brushes, 2 x flexible long tube brushes, 2 x hanging frames for drying, 2 x storage mesh bags, universal for most hydration reservoir cleaning
TAGVO 36 Pack Cleaning Tablets for Hydration Bladder - All Natural, Odor Free, Easy Removes Stubborn Stains Cleaning Tabs for Water Reservoir, Sport Water Bottles, Water Bladder, Hydration Backpack
  • ALL NATURAL CLEANING TABLETS: The cleaning tablets made from the natural ingredients. Safe and biodegradable, chlorine and odor free, simple to use and fast efficient, easy to removes stubborn stains and odors.
  • FITS FOR ANY WATER CONTAINER: Designed for all kinds of water bottle and drink storages, cleaning for Camelbak hydration bladder, water reservoir, water storage bladder bag, stainless steel, plastic and glass water bottles, mugs, sport traveling hydration bladders, coffee tumbler, reservoirs, water bladders, or the water containers which some difficult parts to clean, also for bottle caps, straws.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple to clean your sport water bottles, no need other cleaning tools - fill the water containers with warm water, then drop in a cleaning tablet, let it stand for 15~30 minutes, finally empty the water containers and rinse the container thoroughly, your bottle is instantly ready to be used again. Cleans quickly & effectively, refreshes the inside.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: 36 cleaning tablets came in a package, only one tablet could clean most water reservoirs and containers, which saves your time and money. Large number of cleaning tablets in one package is enough to meet your needs for long time using.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Each cleaning tablet is individually packaged, lightweight and portable, using them in hiking, camping, sporting, training, traveling, or home and kitchen. anywhere to use these cleaning tablets.
Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Kit
  • Includes: reservoir cleaning brush, delivery system cleaning brush, drying rack
  • Works on all Osprey hydraulics reservoirs
  • Essential maintenance item for all hydration reservoirs
  • Country Of Origin : China
2L Hydration Bladder & Cleaning Kit 5in1 | BPA free Water Bladder | 2L Leak Proof Water Reservoir Hydration Pack | Large Opening | Tasteless TPU Material | Quick Release INSULATED Tube & Shutoff Valve
  • ✔ TOP QUALITY waterproof hydration pack of a 2 liter water bladder with a very useful and EASY TO USE cleaning kit 5in1 --- Just perfect for everyone who spends a lot of time in the heat, this 2L hydration pack is the real lifesaver
  • ✔ YOU'LL LOVE ALL THE FEATURES --- Exactly what you need for your hiking, running or biking adventures, kayak trips, marathon, rave events, concerts - plenty of cold, fresh water all day, fits right in any proper hydration water backpack
  • ✔ The 2 liter hydration bladder ADDS NO BAD TASTE TO THE WATER and the large fill hole makes it very EASY TO CLEAN, the INSULATED TUBE will prevent the water from overheating or freezing while hiking, it has a soft bite mouthpiece with Pull/Push shut valve to prevent leaking
  • ✔ YOU'LL REALLY LIKE a very useful BLADDER CLEANING KIT 5in1 with a storage mesh bag --- Perfect set of 3 special brushes for easy and effective cleaning the interior of the bladder, tubing and the mouthpiece --- the collapsible hanger makes drying hassle-free
  • ✔ This 2-liter hydro pack HAS ALL THE BEST FEATURES of any hydration pack you have ever owned, perfect size for a day hike water pack --- PACKAGE INCLUDES 2L bladder, drinking tube, spare cap seal, spare tube o-ring seal, cleaning kit 5in1, a pack of 4 cleaning tablets and user manual
FREEMOVE Water Bottle Cleaner/Cleaning Tablets 24-Pack/for Hydration Bladders, Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, Thermos, Reservoirs, Coffee Tumblers
  • Cleaning Tablets Specially Made for Easily Refreshing Your Water and Drinks Storage Without Any Efforts, Ideal for Hydration Bladders, Water Bottles, Coffee Tumblers, Traveling Stainless Steel Mugs, Thermos and Other Drinking Containers, Each Tablet Works Like as a Charm, Effectively Rinse Away All Stubborn Stains and Odors and Refreshes the Inside
  • A Simple Solution That Works, Let the Bottle Cleaning Tablet Do Its Job for 15 - 30 Min, 1 Tablet for 2 or 3 Liter Bladder Will Clean and Refresh All the Hard-to-reach Inside Areas By Neutralizing All Possible Odor-causing and All Other Unwanted Substances, After That Simple Process, Your Hydration Pack Will Be Refreshed, Ready for Your New Hiking Adventure
  • Our Bladder and Bottle Cleaning Tablets Leave No Unwanted Side Effects and It's Perfectly Safe to Drink After Cleaning, You Can Use Them Everywhere, a Really Smart Solution for Cleaning Any Type of Hydration Packs and Reservoirs, Bladders, Bottles, Water Containers, for All of You Active People Who Enjoy Being in Nature, Camping, Sporting, Training, Traveling
  • No Extra Cleaning Equipment Required, You Can Clean Your Water Packs Basically Anywhere Simple and Easy, We Know How Important is to Enjoying Cleanand Fresh-tasting Water Anytime Regardless of Bottle/reservoir Type and Size, Our Package of 24 Tablets is Enough For a 1 Year Supply, There's No Need to Clean Your Bladder Every Time, But Only When It's Necessary, Enjoy Your Lifestyle and Let The Tablets Do the Job Instead of You
  • Our Bottle Cleaning Tablets Are One of The Most Useful Accessories for Every Hydration Pack, Along With Our Money Back Guarantee

The set and design:

The set comes with three brushes to ensure each important part of the bladder pack can be easily cleaned. The brushes and what they each do are as follows:

  • Large bladder brush- This is used to clean the reservoir area. This area holds the water and is very likely to be habitable to bacteria due to its enclosed space.
  • Long tube brush- This is as long as the typical drinking tube found on most bladder packs. Its length means it can clean the middle of the tube as well as the end parts.
  • Small bite valve brush- This brush is used to clean inside the valve that you use to drink the water from.

Each of these brushes is well made and really feels the part. The bristles are quite tough but not too rough, to prevent them from causing damage to the bladder pack. The long tube brush has a bendy body which enables it to easily bed around the drinking tube. The other two brushes have tough centers.

GoFriend Portable Hydration

In use:

I own several bladder packs so put this brush kit to the test in each one of them. The set worked well on each pack and I am really impressed with just how well the brushes cleaned the pack out. I am going to ensure I clean the packs regularly with these brushes as I actually did get some grime out of one tube which was horrible.


This really is a brilliant must have bit of kit if you sue a bladder pack. The set is well mad and everything works really well.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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