Taotree 72 Pack Of Coloring Pencils Review: Gorgeous Pencils For Gorgeous Art


Welcome to my Taotree 72 pack of coloring pencils review. I’m not much of an artist myself, but I do know quality pencils when I see them and these are certainly quality pencils. From the packaging to the pencils themselves, these are quite impressive.


Each of these colored pencils feels really good in the hand and comes with a nice pointy tip. By good I mean you can tell these aren’t any cheap generic pencils. Each one has a silver-colored body while the nib is obviously a different color. The top of the pencils are colored with the color of that pencil, which makes it easier to pull out the color you need if you have these stored in a pencil-case.

There are no duplicate colors, instead, each color has several shades available. Some may have two shades and some may have four shades to pick from.

In use:

These colored pencils are fantastic. They blend really well and the end result of the coloring looks superb. The nibs are also really impressive, they are quite strong and as a result, I haven’t had any break on me at all, I also haven’t yet had to sharpen any of the pencils. As an example for you to view I have included a picture of a cat I have colored in with these pencils. S you can see the colors are deep and vibrant.

Taotree 72 Pack Of Coloring Pencils Review


These coloring pencils are fantastic. They are well made and blend greatly when used. I would definitely recommend these.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.