Rustic Town Hand Made Tree Of Life Leather Journal Review: It’s One Of The Most Gorgeous Journals I Have Used


Welcome to my Rustic Town Hand Made Tree of Life Leather Journal review. Journals are a great way of documenting important things and some of us may find ourselves using them every day. While for most a simple diary book for a discount shop, some of us prefer our journals to have a bit more about them, which is where this comes in.

Design and build quality:

Ever since I first saw this journal in person I have been very impressed by its simply gorgeous design. The cover uses 100% genuine brown leather all the way around. This leather hasn’t been left plain, though, instead, it has been decorated with patterns running around the edges and a few other little things, but most impressive is the tree on the front cover, which has hand painted green tree leaves sprouting from it.

Rustic Town Hand Made Tree Of Life Leather Journal Review

The is a lovely ornate clasp around the side which is used to keep the journal closed. This clasp is really easy to open and close. You’ll also notice that the back cover actually folds over at the edges, this allows you to use that part of the cover as a page mark, to remember where you left off.

The journal has 100 double-sided pages, which means in total it has 200 blank pages to write on. The paper itself is quite soft but at the same time is much thicker than normal. There’s a slight discoloration to the edges of the paper, but this is actually part of the vintage design that this journal has.

The overall quality is great, this feels well made and looks just as good too. The vintage style design does mean it looks a bit old, but of course, this is part of having a vintage design.

Rustic Town Hand Made Tree Of Life Leather Journal Review

In use:

I have been using this journal for a private project and have really enjoyed using it. The thick paper is great to write on and even do small illustrations. I have used pencils and fountain pens in the journal and have had no issues with either of them.

The small size of this journal also makes it easy to carry about in my messenger bag and my backpack. When not in use, it looks quite nice sat on my desk.


This is such a beautiful journal, it’s so nice it’s such a shame to have used it, but I couldn’t help myself in the end. It’s well made and is, in my opinion, faultless.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.