Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Heart Shaped Boxes Review: A Decent Set Of Boxes


Welcome to my Curtzy Trio of Wooden Heart Shaped Boxes review. I recently did a review of the Curtzy trio of wooden hexagon-shaped boxes, so as well as buying them as a gift for my partner, I also bought this set as well.

Design and quality:

There are three different sized heart-shaped boxes in this set. Each one is made from fine pine and comes in a standard pine color. However, you can choose to decorate the box with paint if you wish. In my house, though they remain as standard while my partner decides if you wants to decorate them or not. The smallest box is 7X7cm, the medium-sized box is 11X10.5cm and the largest box is 15X14.5cm. The sizes of these boxes mean they are perfect for small bits and bobs, but not large items.

Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Heart Shaped Boxes Review

Each box has a lid attached by hinges and securely closes using magnets built into the wood. The magnets that hold the lids shut are rather strong and do a fantastic job of keeping the lids securely down. Even if I tip the boxes upside down and shake them, the lids still stay shut.

Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Heart Shaped Boxes Review

As is to be expected of pine wood, there are areas rough in appearance but given the fact these are designed to be decorated, this really isn’t an issue. There is one issue in relation to quality, that I actually also had with the hexagon-shaped boxes. This issue is with the hinges. Just like the other boxes the hinges look quite tacky and cheap, with screws not screwed into the wood straight and some of the hinges themselves aren’t straight.

  Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Heart Shaped Boxes Review

In use:

Just like the other set my partner uses the boxes for various different things. The smallest box isn’t very big, but my partner has been using it as a storage box for her favorite ring. The medium box is being used to store sewing pins and the large box is used as a holder for different small bits and bobs. Each of the boxes has come in extremely handy for my partner, who is really pleased with them, although like me she does think the hinges are rather poor in terms of quality.


These boxes are quite good, but just like the hexagon ones, they have issues where it comes to the tacky and rather improperly installed hinges. Everything else about the boxes though is good and I’m very impressed that they can be easily decorated.