Bbloop Vintage Sewing Basket Review: An Excellent Gift For Anyone Who Enjoys Sewing


Welcome to my bbloop Vintage Sewing Basket review. This isn’t just a basket, it’s also a gift set as it comes with sewing notions as well. The included notions are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • 10 spools of thread
  • 10 needles
  • Needle threader
  • Pin cushion
  • 100 straight pins
  • Thimble
  • Stitch ripper

Admittedly I’m no good with sewing so my review here reflects the quality of this product. I have a person in mind who I will be gifting this set too.

Design and quality:

First of all, I’ll start with the basket. The basket is pretty good, it’s not that big, but it is rather cute looking. It has a rather classic looking blue and white stripe pattern that takes up most of the basket. The edges of the basket are decorated with a braided golden brown straw like material. The handle is also mostly covered with this material. Once opened, a beautiful blue inside greets you complete with a golden brown material running around the edges. Sitting in the middle is a removable plastic tray which to be honest does sort of take away from the gorgeous classic look of this basket. Once this is lifted out you find another blue lined compartment for storing more stuff.

Bbloop Vintage Sewing Basket Review

On the bottom side of the lid is a small pocket for keeping things like pins in. The lid itself has a button that clips onto the front of the basket to help keep it closed. Once closed the lid stays down until the catch is lifted up.

The build quality of the basket is really good. It feels well made and looks like it will last quite a while. A good tap with my hands reveals no hollow sounds, which is a good sign of quality. This really does feel like quite a premium gift basket.

Each of the included notions seems more like something you would find in a typical gift basket, so don’t expect major high quality from these as you won’t find it here. Instead, you get a lovely little beginner set. All the parts feel well made and do seem like they will work well for anyone who is new to sewing.

Bbloop Vintage Sewing Basket Review


The basket is beautiful and really looks cute as well as gorgeous. It’s well made and really does look the part. The notions included are also really good and are perfect for beginners.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.