Arpan Baby Boy Blue Memo Slip In Photo Album Review: A Cute Photo Album To Store Those Precious Baby Memories In


Welcome to my Arpan Baby Boy Blue Memo Slip In Photo Album review. Baby photos are a great way to look back on the first years of a child’s life and so they deserve to be stored in an appropriate fashion. This photo album is the perfect way to do that. It’s available in both blue for boys and pink for girls. I haven’t actually used this photos as I am gifting it to a relative who is due a baby boy soon, so my review is covering the design of this album.


As I mentioned in the introduction this is available in two colors. A blue color for boys and a pink color for girls. The version I have is the blue one. Both are the same with the exception of the color and illustrations on the covers.

The illustrations are each of a young baby of the sex that represents the color of the album. The illustrations consist of a young baby sitting down surrounded by a few objects. The illustrations are really cute and look amazing, whoever drew them is talented I can say that.

Arpan Baby Boy Blue Memo Slip In Photo Album Review

The build quality is fantastic and this really does feel extremely well made. The first page to greet you when you open the book is the name page. This has an area where you can write your name, address, telephone number and E-mail address. This is a brilliant way of ensuring that the book is returned should you ever lose it. The next page is the index page, which has 100 spaces for writing photo names. There are two hundred slots but each page has two slots, hence why there are only 100 pages.

After the index is the start of the 100 pages. Each of these pages has the typical thin layer of plastic that lifts up at the end to insert photos. There are two slots for photos on each page. Each slot can accommodate a 6 X 4 inch photo. At the side of each photo slot is a memo section where you can write details about the photo in the slot.

On the very last page of the album is a CD wallet that can be used to store a photo CD or DVD in.


I am very impressed with this photo album. It’s well made and the illustrations are incredibly cute. There’s room for 200 photos inside including memos to make notes about the events in each photo.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.