Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review: A Decent Glue Gun For Crafting

The Anyyion 100 watt hot glue gun is an affordable device, that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts or even for do it yourself repair fans. At the time of this review, it can be picked up for as little as £12.98 (this price is subject to change).

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review: Product features

The following information is taken directly from the official selling page on Amazon.

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review

【1】The 100w glue gun made by High-tech electronic ceramic PTC, which instant heats up within 3 minutes and melt the glue stick quickly.

【2】Comes with 5pcs transparent hot melt glue sticks(11mmx200mm).They are super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items.

【3】100-Watt of power and high temperature, the best choice of Industrial hot glue gun.

【4】Widely used- it’s an ideal adhesive for home, wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, fabric, magnets, ceramics, glass, decorations, frames, DIY projects, school projects and more!

【5】Glue Gun Product Dimensions:7.5 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches; Item Weight: 0.76 pounds; Cable length: 55 inch Product; Product list:1 pcs Glue Gun;5 pcs white Melt Glue; Glue stick color: transparent. Length: (11 mm x 200 mm).Quality is very good.

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review: Design

Being a ”glue gun”, it’s not a surprise that it looks like a gun and is held in the same way. It feels rather sturdy in the hand and is quite light in terms of weight. There isn’t much going on around the exterior, apart from a power switch, a trigger, the glue slot, glue tip and a fold in stand. On the bottom of the handle is the power cable which has a total length of 55 inches. This is shorter than I would have liked and means I have to ensure wherever I am sat working is close to enough to a plug socket.

The build quality of the Anyyion 100 watt hot glue gun is far better than I expected, given the low price. It may be light in terms of weight, but it feels really well made. There’s nothing disappointing about it in terms of quality at all.

It comes with five 11 mm glue sticks in the box. When these run out, you can simply replace them with more 11mm glue sticks from any brand or shop. I’ll include a link to some at the bottom of the review.

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review: In use

Rather annoyingly, the manufacturer has failed to supply any instructions in the box, which means you’re on your own if you have never used a glue gun before. Luckily the internet is a place of wonder and a quick search will show you how to use a glue gun and good techniques for ensuring a nice faultless run of glue.

The Anyyion 100 watt hot glue gun is luckily quite easy to use, especially once you get the hang of it. Simply slot a glue stick into position on top of the gun and then power it on. Now give the gun three minutes to warm up and you’re good to go. Use the trigger to push the glue stick through to the tip, which then melts it down into hot glue, which you simply run along the areas you need to glue.

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review

So far I have had good results with this glue gun on various little projects. My partner has also enjoyed using it, for her arts and crafts. Both of us agree, that the glue gun and the supplied glue work a treat.

Anyyion 100 Watt Hot Glue Gun Review: Overall

At this price, it’s hard to be disappointed with this glue gun. It works well and feels well-built. I do wish it had a longer cable though and some instructions in the box would have been nice as well, that said I am happy with it and certainly would recommend it.