AMZDeal Two Tier Jewelry Box Review: A Gorgeous Box For Storing Jewelry


Welcome to my AMZDeal Two Tier Jewelry Box review. When your partner has as much jewelry as mine does, it becomes time to find some sort of suitable box that not only stores the jewelry but also compliments it. This box does that well.

Design and build quality:

The box consists of two tiers. The bottom tier is a pull out drawer with three different sized compartments, which are perfect for storing things like bangles and earrings. The top compartment consists of a lid that opens vertically to reveal several compartments. There’s a section for eleven different rings or earrings to be stored. This section allows you to stand them up vertically for presentation purposes. There’s also a watch area complete with a cushion to sit the watch on. At each side of this watch compartment is a section with two removable walls, with these in place you get six small compartments and if you remove all four you get two large compartments.

On the inside of the lid is a small mirror with a small pocket below perfect for storing small items of jewelry. When closed this lid can be locked using the included key and unlocked using the same key.

On both the outside and the inside, the box is covered with a brown velvet material, although for some reason it’s listed as faux leather on the listing. The box itself is made of a medium-density fiberboard, which is perfect for an item such as this, that will spend most of its time sitting on a dresser.

The build quality is great although there’s a noticeable mark on one of the buckles securing the handle down. Since this is a chrome buckle it is quite annoying. The issue seems to have arisen from a lack of protective film on the buckles for transportation.


In use:

My partner has quite a lot of jewelry now. Some cheap, some expensive, but they all look equally as good in this box. The space within is plenty for her collection and the soft velvet material used doesn’t leave any marks or permanent damage on the surface of the jewelry. The box itself also looks stunning sat on the dresser, amongst my partner’s collection of other things women love.


This is a gorgeous looking jewelry box that has plenty of space for a small to medium-sized collection. It’s well made and doesn’t look or feel cheap at all.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.