Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser Review: An Infusion Of Tea Tree Oil, Mint And Thyme Oil To Make Shoes Smell Nicer


Welcome to my Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser review. Smelly shoes are something we have all experienced. There’s nothing worse than you or someone you know taking off their shoes and letting the smell of feet fill the room.


While you aren’t going to be eating or drinking this, it’s still good to know what ingredients are present in case of an allergy issue. The good thing is that this is almost completely natural ingredients, with the exception of two preservatives usually found in foods. These are Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate. The six natural ingredients are water, peppermint oil, thyme oil, eucalyptus tree oil and tea tree leaf oil.

Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser Review

I am quite impressed that is 95% natural as I am not really a fan of nasty lab made chemicals. It’s just a shame they had to include two in this product.

Ease of use:

The spray is really easy to use, so easy in fact, that it’s only a three-step process. The first step requires you to simply shake the bottle to merge the natural oils together again as they can become separated in storage. The next step is simply spraying the spray into your shoes or onto your skin. Lastly, you simply leave your shoes or skin to air dry.

Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser Review

The is literally as quick as counting to 5. How long your shoes take to dry is of course dependent on external factors.

The results:

The results are brilliant. My shoes really do smell much better, although I will say this only masks the smell, unfortunately, it doesn’t get rid of it properly as the bacteria that create the smell aren’t killed by the spray at all. It does, however, mask the smell for a good few days before needing to be reused.


I like this spray as it does a wonderful job of masking horrible foot odor. I’m not really a fan of the unnatural ingredients, but since there are only two I do feel like I can let this slip past my radar.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.