Tarofdar & Co Credit Card Holder Review

With more and more of us choosing to spend using our cards instead of cash, it’s no surprise that things like the Tarofdar & Co credit Card holder exist. It takes away the bulk of a typical wallet or purse and replaces it with a slim pocket-friendly 4 slotted device to store your cards and even a note if you aren’t 100% ready to part from the world of paper money.

It’s a rather basic product. It consists of two sides, each with two pockets with enough room for a card or two each and a hidden middle area for one or two paper notes. This design makes the holder as slim as possible, which means it sits nicely in pockets with no added weight or bulk to cause discomfort.

Co Credit Card Holder Review

The exterior of the Tarofdar & Co credit card holder is covered with a soft velvet material that makes the holder feel quite nice in the hand. The inside pockets are lined with a strong material to ensure the holder stays intact throughout everyday use.

In terms of weight there’s not much to this card holder to start with and even when each pocket has a card in it, it’s still really light. This means its easy to carry around and adds no extra weight to your bag or clothing.

Co Credit Card Holder Review

I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and have to say that I am quite happy with it. It’s only a wallet, but it’s still none the less a great product that does as you’d expect it. I find it hard to find any issues with this small pocket-friendly Tarofdar & Co credit card holder.

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