Summersha 20 Pack Ribbon Bowknots Review: Perfect For Special Occasions


Welcome to my Summersha 20 Pack Ribbon Bowknots review. These bowknot bows come in a pack of twenty different colored bows. They are perfect for dress up and special occasions.


At 15cm each these are quite large bows that are perfect for placing on pigtails, on top of the head or even at the front. I can personally fit two on the front of my head. They use a clip to stay attached to the wearer’s hair. This clip is made of metal and is stuck to the bow using a strong glue.

Summersha 20 Pack Ribbon Bowknots Review

The bows are made of grosgrain material, which gives them a soft textured feeling. It also means they don’t look cheap and nasty despite actually being cheap to buy. The colors are all gorgeous and really do add to the overall beauty of the bows. There are many colors such as blue, brown, purple, pink and green just to name a few. This wide choice of colors makes it easy to find a color perfect for the situation you are wearing the bow for.

Build quality:

These bows are extremely well made and so far I have found no issues with any of them. The clips are nice and strong and so is the material. There’s not a stitch out-of-place at all. Given the price of these (£8.99 at the time of this review) I really wasn’t expecting such great quality from these bows.

Summersha 20 Pack Ribbon Bowknots Review


These bows are brilliant. I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they are. They are nice and colorful and come in a range of bright colors, which means there’s one for every occasion and outfit. They ar well made and faultless in my eyes.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.