Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses Review: Budget Sunglasses With Premium Presentation


Welcome to my Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses review. While summer is long gone, I still like to wear sunglasses. However, they do need to be stylish, practical and affordable at the same time, which is why I am giving these a go, to see if they can meet this expectation.

Presentation and design:

Despite costing below twenty quid, these sunglasses come presented nicely in a black box, that contains a leather carry case, a cleaning and cloth and a drawstring carry bag as well as the instructions and a test card. These extras are quite welcome in my opinion and are almost like a free gift considering the low price of these sunglasses.

Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses Review

I personally find the Aviator styling of sunglasses to be the best style ever. That’s because of the cool look and history behind them. These may a cheap pair of Aviators but they do look nice and feel it too.

The build quality is fantastic. The frame feels sturdy and the polarized lenses are quite thick. The only thing I can criticize about the build of these is that the nose clip does cause me a bit of discomfort at times.

In use:

With the exception of the nose clip issue I mentioned earlier, these glasses are comfortable. They sit nicely on my face and around my ears. The lenses are quite dark, which does make out of season use pointless as the days tend to be darker anyway. That said I have worn them a few times outside this autumn and despite the darkness, I have been able to see things clearly. Of course, there have been a few sunny days and these really have been great for those days, although as it is almost winter, the sun seems to be starting its vacation.

Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses Review


These glasses are superb for the price. They not only look good, they come well presented too, with a few cool extras. The build quality is fantastic, although the nose clips could be a bit more comfortable.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.