Littleduckling Unisex Canvas Belt Review: A Cheap Belt, But Is It Any Good ?


Welcome to my Littleduckling Unisex Canvas Belt review. This is a cheap and very basic belt, that like any other belt is designed to keep your pants up. Since it’s a canvas belt its more ideal for casual occurrences.

Design and quality:

The belt is made of a canvas material that is quite thick and very strong. The belt is available  in several colors. I have the army green version which looks quite good. The buckle on the belt does look rather cheap and is quite thin although it does a great job. It’s an automatic feed so you simply open the buckle and feed the belt through and close it down to lock the belt in place. Once locked in place the belt can’t be moved. I have tried so many times and it’s locked good, which is great and so much better than a traditional belt.

In use:

This belt is brilliant and compared to my traditional belts it stays tight with no issues at all. I don’t experience any discomfort when wearing it and have never had the need to adjust it or move my pants further up when I’m wearing it. This is so much better than normal belts that use a hook and hoop system to lock the belt in place.

Littleduckling Unisex Canvas Belt Review


This is an ok belt, although I do feel the buckle is of poor quality and may not last a long time. With that issue aside the rest of the belt is well made. I really like the automatic feed system as it actually keeps the belt locked.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the