Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie Review: A Cute And Warm Onesie Outfit


Welcome to my Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie review. With the cold nights already here and cozy, it’s time to think about warm nightwear and onesies are a great example of warm nightwear.

Design and quality:

My partner is a huge leopard print fan, so this onesie has already won her over in terms of pattern design. The fleece material is lovely and cozy plus warm of course. It’s thick but not thick enough to make you barely warm, instead, it makes the wearer just the right level of warm.

Unlike some other onesies, this one doesn’t have closed off feet and hands, so your hands and feet are free to be used as you please while wearing this onesie. There’s also a hood, which has a fur effect white fleecing running around the front of it. Dangling from the hood is two fleece baubles that are each held by a thin shoelace like material. This material is also used to shrink the hood for a tighter fit around your head if this is what you desire. There’s also hemming present for the cuffs of the legs and arms. This is colored in black and has an elastic-like material to it.

Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie Review

There’s a zip running from the hood to about half way down which makes getting in and out of the onesie quite an easy task.

My partner normally gets large onesies, but due to problems we have had with Chinese sizing in the past we always one size up to be on the safe side. Thankfully doing that this time paid off yet again as the onesie fits my partner quite well.

Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie Review

The quality of this onesie is quite good. It’s just the right thickness and there’s not a stitch out-of-place. I will say, however, while the condition is good, the onesie actually comes as it’s just been thrown in a bag. By this I mean, it’s been produced, but then instead of being cleaned or shook off it just been put in the final packaging. This means my onesie has come with little bits of cut fabric, cotton and other stuff attached to it. I checked other reviews to see if this was just me, but a few people have reported this issue also.

Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie Review

In use:

My partner has used this a few times to help keep her warm at night before bed time. She loves it so much and says it lovely and soft, as well as cozy and warm. She fits into it with no issues at all. It’s also very easy to clean and very easy to put on and remove.


This is a fantastic onesie that is well made and very comfortable. It keeps my partner nice and warm and very cozy. I am not impressed that it hasn’t been cleaned properly before being bagged up though.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.