EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings Review: A Lovely Budget Pair Of Earrings


Welcome to my EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings review. Earrings are often an essential part of a women’s jewelry collection, some people like cheap earrings like these ones and some like more expensive earrings and some like both, so if you like cheap earrings or both, carry on reading this review.


An important thing for anyone looking for jewelry is the design and to be honest with you, the low price of these really shines through, the big black plastic faux pearl is cheap and tacky looking and sticks out like a sore thumb. The small diamonds running around the edge are a lovely touch though and do add a bit of beauty to this otherwise ugly set of earrings.

These are also clip-on earrings, which is great if you haven’t had your ears pierced, but it’s only great when done right and while these certainly clip onto my partner’s ears with ease, they aren’t very comfortable. Even I have tried them on to see and I agree with my partner, the clips on these are simply too hard on the ears, even trying to get used to them was proving hard. There is a rubber piece in place to prevent this, but since it is so thin, the metal on the clip presses hard against rubber and almost as if the rubber wasn’t there, me and my partner both felt the metal pushed against the rubber.

EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings Review

There is also a surprise gift with this set of earrings. Now I’m not sure if anyone gets the same thing or if the gift is different in each box. In the one, I have is a cute little gold-plated bracelet that has an Eiffel tower, a love heart and a handbag dangling from it. It really does look quite nice, even better than the earrings in fact.

In use:

To be honest my partner has tried to wear these for prolonged periods but the fact they are uncomfortable means she just can’t keep them on for too long. The discomfort is horrible. That said she loves the surprise bracelet gift that came with the earrings and does wear that every day. No matter how hard she tries though she just can’t keep these on and I don’t blame her.


These are pretty much terrible, they don’t look that nice and they certainly aren’t very comfortable, however, that free bracelet gift is brilliant.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.