CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag Review


Welcome to my CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag review. I do a lot of traveling to various places and quite often I carry a messenger bag for holding various essentials. This one is no different and has been used the same way.

Design and build quality:

As you can tell from the title this bag has a retro British styling to it that looks surprisingly cool and inviting. The materials used are canvas for the main bag, while leather has been used for the straps. Metal has also been used for things like buckles and the zip. The overall look is simply fantastic and the choices of material here are great. This honestly looks so much better than a branded canvas bag you would buy in a sports shop.

In terms of space, this bag certainly is packing enough of it with 2 small equal sized pockets at the front, a bottle pocket at each side, the main large inside pocket and within that is a small pocket. So as you can easily see space isn’t an issue.

CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag Review

There are a mixture of buttons, buckles and zips on this bag which really gives it a full vintage feeling. There are buttons on the front pockets, while buckles are used to secure the front pocket flap down as well as to strap bottles securely into the side pockets. Zips are used for the main pocket and the small pocket that is inside it.

CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag Review

The build quality is really quite good with everything from the material to the securing catches all looking and feeling very well made. There’s not a stitch out-of-place in on the canvas material and not a scratch on the buckle. The bag can hold heavy things like books without giving way, which is good enough for me.

In use:

As I said earlier I used this bag every time I have to go somewhere important, such as university. The bag does a wonderful job of holding things such as my books, my tablet computer, stationary and even sandwiches for my lunch. The shoulder strap is quite strong and doesn’t cause me any discomfort, it’s also adjustable which means it can be set to a size comfortable for the user.

CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Since I travel a lot I often have the bag on the floor and it hasn’t yes scuffed or worn out, which is a relief in many ways as a worn out bag is a useless bag.


This is a fantastic bag that I simply cannot find fault with. It looks good and is extremely well made. The space offered is perfect for my needed and will most likely be perfect for the needs of many others.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.