Blusmart LED Party Glasses Review: No Help For Your Eye Sight, But Will Somewhat Make You Fun To Look At


Welcome to my Blusmart LED Party Glasses review. Have you ever seen those glasses that Kanye West once wore ? The ones that instead of lenses had slotted lines instead ? Well if you have then will look slightly familiar, they’re practically the same thing but with more functionality. They still look silly but at least, this time, they have sound activated LED lights .


As I mentioned above the glasses have slotted lines in place of the lenses. I must admit that these slotted lines don’t do much for vision purposes and trying to look through them is headache inducing since the slotted lines are so close together. Also, people may look at you as if your insane, but hey these are designed for fun purposes so forget about the haters.

The glasses make use of a sound activated LED system. The LED’s run around the front of the glasses and live behind a thick see through plastic casing. You can even see the circuit board that houses the microphone and other components needed to make these work.

The LED colors are fixed here so the bottom two rows of lines between the slots are blue, while the middle two are green and the top two are red. This fixed color is rather boring, to be honest with you and the fact there no way to activate the lights other than sound does make these get a bit boring after a while.

In terms of fitting on the face these do fit well, but they aren’t very comfortable at all. The nose area has no padding and is the same hard plastic used on the rest of the glasses, so these really don’t sit too well at all and after a bit of time I do find myself needing to take them off.

Blusmart LED Party Glasses Review

In use:

I recently got chance to try these out at a party I went to and they did get some attention with people commenting on how cool they looked, although some people did give me weird looks. The lights were flashing like mad as the music kept going and I even let some friends wear them for a bit to take the strain of looking through slots off of my eyes. I watched them as the music made them flash on my friends’ faces and admittedly I thought they looked cool and silly at the same time.


I am happy with these, they are a great laugh, although they do get boring after a while as they are more of a side gag. However, since they work so well I do feel like I could recommend these even if their use is very limited.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.