BestFire Ultra Lightweight Thin Unisex Card Case Wallet Review: An Unusual But Cool Wallet


Welcome to my BestFire Ultra lightweight Thin Unisex Card Case Wallet review. This wallet is different to other wallets based on how it opens. Instead of opening like a traditional wallet it opens in a different way.

Design and build quality:

The first thing you’ll notice about this wallet is that it looks nothing like a wallet from the outside at all. No, instead it looks more like a small pocket. instead of having a flap that opens and closes this has a slide out set of tabs, five to be precise. These tabs are pulled out using the magnetic clip that keeps the wallet closed. They go back in, by simply being pushed. There’s also a small pocket on the back for carrying another card or paper money in.

BestFire Ultra Lightweight Thin Unisex Card Case Wallet Review

The material used is water repelling and to test this I have sprinkled a few drops of water over the wallet and watched as it just dripped off, without getting through and soaking the  cards inside. The listing also claims the material is some sort of high-performance fabric. While this claim is hard to test, I can certainly say the fabric feels quite nice and does also feel very durable at the same time. The wallet has a dark grey color to it, while the slots continue on in a monochrome scheme.

The one issue I have with this is that it is quite small. So storing it in a bag can be a bit tedious, especially if it gets buried towards the bottom somewhere. It can be slotted within a normal wallet if you have one, but this really defeats the object.

The build quality is actually quite good. The wallet is well made thanks to the strong material and excellent stitch job. The magnet is ok but it would have been better to have a proper clip button instead.

BestFire Ultra Lightweight Thin Unisex Card Case Wallet Review

In use:

This is a brilliant wallet to use. Its small size means it fits nicely in my pocket, although as I mentioned above it does mean it can be tedious if left in a bag. There’s enough room for several of my cards in it and the pocket at the back has been great for keeping cash in.


This is a good wallet. it has one or two issues but otherwise, it’s really good and well worth the money if you fancy something different.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.