AMZ Deal Six Slot Watch Box Review: A Great Way To Keep Watches Safe And Make Them Into Great Display Pieces


Welcome to my AMZ Deal Six Slot Watch Box review. I have a small collection of watches that I often like to wear (not all at once, of course). This means I have the awful predicament of having watch boxes laying about and getting in the way, with this though I am able to get rid of at least five of them and store the watches in this box.

Design and quality:

The box has a stunning look that I wasn’t expecting. This isn’t any cheap looking box, despite being made from MDF wood that is coated by a layer of PU leather. It simply looks stunning as I said earlier. The lid opens via a hidden hinge system and stays securely shut using a metal catch system at the front. There’s even a real glass (not plastic) see-through display window on the top of the lid, so you can proudly show off your collection of watches.

The box is colored blue and complete with white stitching running around the edges of the box and the glass window on the roof. The color adds to the overall attractiveness of this fantastic box. This being PU leather, it has a nicely textured feeling to it.

Inside the box are five watch slots, each with their own removable watch cushions to place the watch band around. The sixth slot is designed for storing rings in. Since I only have a small collection of watches, this adequate enough space for me.

In terms of quality, I am really surprised, this box is extremely well made and everything is as it should be. There are no signs of damage and all the stitching is securely in place without any looseness.

In use:

I own a few watches that I mainly use for special occasions, so storing them in this box is perfect as they spend a lot of time off my wrists and in their boxes. Having them stored in this box not only keeps them safe but also gives them a bit of extra functionality as display pieces. The box itself also makes a lovely display piece with or without watches inside it.


This box is brilliant, it’s hard to fault at all and the build quality is fantastic. The box not only does a fantastic job of keeping your watches safe, it also does a fantastic job of making them into lovely looking display pieces.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.