Excelvan Hands Free Bluetooth Headset Review: A Modern And Stylish Earpiece


Up until a couple of years ago the humble Bluetooth headset was simply a mono earpiece that connected to your phone wirelessly and was the friend of many business men and women alike. It seems that these earpieces are making a comeback as you will see with this one from Excelvan.

Design and quality:

This Bluetooth headset really does look the part, with its sleek design that consists of metal face plate on top of a plastic body. This gives it a gorgeous yet modern looking design worthy of a well-dressed business person. There are four buttons in this Bluetooth headset, two of which are volume control buttons, another of which is a call button and lastly a power button. Also present is a MicroUSB port for charging the built-in battery which gives out 2.5 hours of usage time, which to be honest is a disappointment in my opinion.

Excelvan Hands Free Bluetooth Headset Review

Included us a neat little dock that can also be used to charged the Bluetooth headset. The dock and the headset have a magnetic system in pace that keeps the headset securely connected to the dock until it is lifted off. The dock charges the headset using four pins that align up with four contacts on the headset as is itself powered using a MicroUSB cable. The dock can also be clipped to a car’s air vent using the removable air vent clip. When not in the car simply remove the clip and the dock will stand freely on its own.

Excelvan Hands Free Bluetooth Headset Review

The build quality is brilliant. The device feels really well made and right from the start it looks and feels like a premium device. There’s nothing to suggest any different, even after using the headset a few times.

Setup and signal reliability:

Setting this Bluetooth headset up for the first time with my phone was as easy as it is with any other Bluetooth device. It took me no longer than 30 seconds to do. Now my phone and the headset will simply pair themselves when both are turned on with Bluetooth activated.

The included manual does a fantastic job of outlining the process, so if you haven’t done this sort of thing before, then have no worries as the manual shows you exactly how to do it as well as how to use the headset properly.

There are no signal issues either, as long as the phone and the headset are within 10m 0f each other, I have no issues at all and am able to freely speak to whoever I am on the phone to at the time.

Audio and microphone quality:

As far as a typical Bluetooth headset goes, this one has great audio and a good microphone. I am able to clearly hear the person I am talking to with no issues at all. Their voice comes out as clearly as they allow it.

The microphone also works really well. It picks up my voice clearly and carries it to the person I am speaking to with no issues at all. I have tested it on various different types of calls from normal phone to Skype calls.

Excelvan Hands Free Bluetooth Headset Review


This Bluetooth headset works wonders and looks incredibly stylish too. In fact, it looks so nice it would definitely go well with a black suit. Overall I would recommend this to anyone in need of such a thing.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.