Elinker MP3 Player Review: A Decent Option In The World Of Cheap Portable Music Players

The Elinker MP3 player is a cheap solution to your portable music needs but is it any good? I recently got hold of the music player and am now ready to document my thoughts for you to read, before making a buying decision.

Elinker MP3 player review: Product features

  • LOSS-FREE SOUND QUALITY: The built-in speaker has great excellent volume. 102db signal-to-noise ratio and 0.02% distortion rate guarantee a loss-free sound quality. It also supports several audio formats: APE / FLAC / MP3 / WAV / WMA / ACC / M4A / OGG. Various sound modes are available: Rock, Gentle, Heavy Bass, Pop, Classic, etc.
  • LONG BATTERY ENDURANCE: Polymer lithium battery with intelligent power-saving chip provides up to 80 hours of game time at full charge. Holds up to 1500 songs with 8GB of built-in flash memory expandable up to 128GB Micro SD card.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY USE: One button for screen locking and sound recording, easy to control, and easy to find your favorite songs with the playlist, please enjoy music free with this mp3 music payer.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONS: 24 languages to choose from German, English, French, Spanish, Russian etc. Supports A-B repeat, 8-speed playback, Video, Alarm Clock, FM radio and e-book, Game etc.
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: With 1.8 inch TFT display you can enjoy videos or e-book, clear and natural without hurting your eyes. All-metal construction not only looks high-quality but also offers a good feel to the handle.

Elinker MP3 player review: Design

The Elinker MP3 player has an all metal body, with a front glass display. This gives it a much better feel in the hands than most of the cheap plastic iPod clones you can find on Amazon. It also gives it a modern and stylish look, although it is a bit on the chunky side with dimensions of 88.8mm * 40.9mm * 8.9mm. While this seems a bit chunky overall, it isn’t designed like this, without reason. Inside it as well as the screen and other typical components is a microphone for voice recording and a speaker for listening to music without earphones.

The exterior of the MP3 player is home to the usual buttons and ports, with a navigation circle on the front below the 1.8-inch color display. The power switch sits on the bottom of the device in between the 3.5mm audio jack and the microUSB charging/data transfer port. Also present at the bottom is a lanyard strap hole. Present on the left side is a microSD slot, which is a nice addition, as it allows you to expand the 8GB of memory already present in the MP3 player. On the right side is a recording button and a lock button as well as the microphone. Lastly, the back is home to the built-in speaker, should you not want to use earphones.

Elinker MP3 player review

Inside the Elinker MP3 player is a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge. So far I have only had to charge this MP3 player once and that was when it arrived on my doorstep.

Elinker MP3 player review: In use

So the first thing to mention about any device with transfer capabilities is how easy it is to do it. As usual with anything that isn’t an Apple device, transferring files to this MP3 player from a PC is simply a case of highlighting the songs you want, clicking copy and then paste into the file system of the MP3 player, or you can drag and drop, which ever you find best.

The U.I (user interface) is clean and easy to navigate. The main menu is home to 11 different options, which are as follows, alarm, game, stopwatch, settings, music, movie, record, radio, photos, Ebook and browser. The browser mode is actually a file browsing mode and not a web browsing mode, in case you are wondering.

Watching MP4 files on the small display is not really that good in all honesty, but it will do for small videos like music videos, but if you want to watch a movie, go find a bigger screen or you’ll find yourself straining your eyes to get a comfortable view.

Music playback is quite good, even through the built-in speaker, although don’t expect it to be loud enough for anything but personal listening. Listening through earphones is the better way or if you want a party, plug it into a proper speaker.

Elinker MP3 player review

Elinker MP3 player review: Overall

Overall this MP3 player is a gorgeously, although a bit on the chunky side designed bit of kit. It’s solid build quality, paired with its simplicity to use and its low price makes it a brilliant gift for anyone who doesn’t like to use a smart phone for their music.