ECHTPower Professional Gaming Headset Review: A Wallet Friendly Gaming Headset


Welcome to my ECHTPower Professional Gaming Headset review. This is a budget headset that has no fancy bells or whistles. It’s, in fact, a model I have reviewed before but with different branding.


In terms of build quality, this headset does feel slightly cheap and tacky in part to the fact it is made mainly from a hollow feeling plastic. The only other noticeable material is the padding around the earcups and the headband. Talking of padding I am happy to say these are quite comfortable to wear as both lots of padding are quite thick. The headset is adjustable to fit many sizes of head.

I am quite happy with the built-in microphone as it doesn’t have a rigid body, instead, it has a flexible body which means it can be positioned at many angles and moved closer to the mouth.

There’s no need to worry about the cable breaking too easily as it’s coated with nylon braided fabric complete with a black and green color twist. The cable has three tips on the end. One tip is a USB tip and this is for powering the built-in LED lights that cycle through a small range of colors. if this isn’t plugged in the headset will still work so long as the audio and microphone cables are plugged in, which are the other two tips.

Given the low price point it’s no surprise there is no in-line control on this headset, instead, the volume is powered by a dial on the left earcup and the microphone can also be turned on and off using a switch on the same earcup.

ECHTPower Professional Gaming

Audio and microphone quality:

The audio this headset produces isn’t too bad, in fact for a budget headset it’s really good. The audio is fantastic in both games and while listening to music. It’s clear with every word noticeable and every beat unmissable. The bass is set at a decent level for personal listening. I have tried the headset with many genres of music and haven’t yet been disappointed. In games, I have been able to hear people speaking clearly and things going on around me.

The microphone works quite well with no issues to report. People I am talking to can hear me clearly. I have tried this with both Skype and while in games.


I am impressed with this headset. The only real issue I have is the build-quality as it feels quite cheap and tacky. The audio is surprisingly good considering just how cheap these are.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.