ECHTPower LED Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: A Cheap But Cool Looking Keyboard


Welcome to my ECHTPower LED Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review. This is a relatively cheap mechanical gaming keyboard which at the time of this review can be picked up for as little as £29.99. As well as blue mechanical switches this keyboard also features an RGB LED under key lighting system.


The first thing I noticed about this keyboard is that it looks really cool. It has a set of orange carved in line blocks running along the bottom which gives it a sort of gaming look. It also breaks away from the tradition of having the caps and num lock indicators in the top right-hand corner, instead the caps and num keys each light up only if they are turned on.

As usual with just about every gaming keyboard, I have reviewed this one has an American layout, it’s not a huge issue but it’s still one that grinds on my nerves. Small companies don’t seem to want to release keyboards UK layouts which is a shame.

As usual, the letters are laid out in a QWERTY style with a num pad on the right side of the keyboard and F keys and numbers running along the top two rows.

Something I really love about my other mechanical keyboards is the weight they possess which enables them to sit nice and sturdily on my desk. Unfortunately, this is a rather light keyboard so it doesn’t sit as steady as my others. it’s also constructed with a plastic body instead of the metal the body of my others mechanical keyboards uses.

The light system is pretty good. However, the colors are fixed on each row so that can’t be changed, but you can switch between different lighting modes and brightnesses which is cool.

In use:

I have used this keyboard for gaming and general PC use and must say I am quite impressed with it. Each key is responsive and thanks to the blue switches you get a sort of feedback click to say they key has pressed down.  In gaming, the keyboard is really good. It’s responsive and there’s no input lag between what I do and when it happens on-screen.


For the price, this is a really cool keyboard but it does have a few let downs such as only being available with a US layout and being quite light. that said it works well and looks really cool.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product