DISDIM Wooden Stand Up QI Wireless Charger Review: A Great Way To Wirelessly Charge And Use Your Phone At The Same Time


Welcome to my DISDIM Wooden Stand Up QI Wireless Charger review. In the past few years, wireless charging has become common amongst high-end phones and is used in phones such as the Galaxy S7 and the recently released only 2 months ago but now officially dead Note 7.

Design and quality:

While a lot of the wireless chargers you will see around are flat discs that sit like a coaster, this one is actually a stand-up one that holds the phone up vertically while charging it. From experience, this is much more convenient as it allows you to have your phone sat directly in front of your eyes, so you don’t have to glance down all the time. It’s also used to line the coils up when the phone is placed horizontally.

A majority of the stand is made from rosewood, but the base that keeps the stand upright is made from aluminum alloy, which is quite thick and strong. There’s a metal lip that sticks out at the front of the stand, which is used to stand the phone one. There is also a wooden block included which can be used to raise smaller phones to ensure the coils line up correctly.

At the top of the charger is a small LED light that is used as a status light to inform you of the current charge status. It’s handy for smaller phones, but anything 5 inches or over pretty much renders it useless. Luckily you can see the battery status of your phone by looking at your phone while it’s charging.

In use:

I have been using this with a Samsung Galaxy S7 which comes with QI as standard, there are many other phones with QI capabilities built-in. If your phone doesn’t have QI you may be able to buy a QI pad that sticks on the back and connects to your phone’s charging port, if you get one of these adapters you can use wireless charging pads.

Since the charger has three coils it not only charges the S7 quickly, it also makes it a lot easier to instantly place the phone down and right away get the notification that the phone is charging. When I say it charges the phone quickly, I mean from 1% to 100% it takes just over an 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is fantastic in my opinion. I really couldn’t have asked for anything faster. The speed is the same no matter whether I have it horizontal or vertical on the stand.


This QI charger is one of the best I have ever used with my Galaxy S7. It looks good and charges the device quite quickly. It also ensures I don’t wear down the phone’s MicroUSB connector too quickly.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.


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