DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard Review: A Membrane Keyboard With A Great LED System


Welcome to my DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard review. I have been using mechanical keyboards for so long now, I actually forgot what a membrane keyboard feels likes or that they even existed still. This membrane keyboard by DBPower may not be mechanical but it’s still a good keyboard.


Again with the American layout. While I’m used to this I do get sick of getting gaming keyboards from Amazon that don’t have a U.K layout option. Is it too hard to ask for a U.K layout ?

 DBPOWER Three Colors

That aside the design of this keyboard is fantastic. It looks really cool and has a gaming look to it. The one thing I do think isn’t needed is the hole in the top. It just seems like a pointless hole with a green border on the inside. That said it doesn’t really have any impact on my opinion of this keyboard.

It feels quite heavy which always something I look for in a gaming keyboard. Having weight behind it isn’t only a sign of good build quality, it also keeps the keyboard firmly gripped to the surface it’s on so it can’t be accidentally moved while you’re using it. The top is made from metal while the bottom is made from plastic.

The keyboard has a typical QWERTY key layout as well as numbers above the letter keys and number pad to the right hand-side while the F-number keys run along the top of the keyboard. The WASD buttons actually have their letters in a different font to the other letter keys, this makes them easier to find during gaming sessions, where they are often used to move about.

The LED system on this keyboard really is great. It beats the LED system on my mechanical keyboards as they have RGB but fixed colors on each row of keys, this one actually lights up multiple colors on each row of keys. There are also loads of different modes to use. These can be switched between by following the instructions in the manual, each color switch starts with the Fn key. There’s also a sound mode where the lights can light up to the beat of music, that’s something I have never had on a gaming keyboard before.

 DBPOWER Three Colors

In use:

Ok, the first thing to admit is that since I am so used to mechanical keyboards I’m not a huge fan of membrane keyboards anymore as the typing experience doesn’t seem the same after you have been using mechanical keyboards for so long. The same goes for this keyboard. To me, I just couldn’t comfortably type on this. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad keyboard. No far from it, in fact, I do enjoy using it, the only thing is I am actually so used to the clock and feel that a mechanical keyboard supplies.

The keys are really responsive and there’s no lag between key presses and an action occurring on screen. This is great in games where you need to be responding fast and swiftly to everything around you. The WASD keys are always easy to locate thanks to the thick font used to separate them from the other keys.

Typing in a word document and browsing the internet with this keyboard are both tasks it does well. I have no issues at all in regards to this.

 DBPOWER Three Colors


This membrane keyboard by DBpower is fantastic. It looks good and works well. Despite preferring mechanical keyboards now, I would still recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap but cool looking keyboard at a decent price.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product

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