Smoove Universal Chain Lube Review

Smoove Universal Chain Lube is described by the company that produces it as ‘probably the hardest-wearing wax-based chain lube on the market’. With a statement like that Smoove has a lot to deliver.

As a lube, it has been designed for use with all types of bicycle. So whether you prefer the road or find yourself riding the trails, this lube will ensure your transmission between gears is a smooth as possible.

Smoove Universal Chain Lube comes packaged in a small 125ml bottle colored in red with important information on the back such as directions for use and information about Smoove itself. The front of the bottle shows a picture of a rear cassette as well as the name of the lube.

Smoove Universal Chain Lube Review

The top of the bottle is home to a thin spout-like tube that gives the user more control when it comes to applying the lube in a way that prevents overusing and creating too much waste.

While 125ml doesn’t sound like an awful lot, you don’t need to use too much each time you apply it, meaning this small bottle should last quite a while before its need to be replaced. In fact, you will most likely get a good couple of hundred miles out of one application. If you give your bike a good clean every week including the chain, then obviously it won’t last near as long, but it will still last quite some time.

When it comes to applying the lube, you need to ensure your setup is as clean as can be. This means your drive chain setup needs to be free of oil and any other build-ups. In most cases, this means removing the chain and giving it a good clean as opposed to cleaning the chain while on the bike, which takes a lot longer. Unfortunately, I lacked the tools to remove my chain so had to clean it as well as I could using my chain cleaning device and a small brush. A little while later the chain was ready, of course, you should also clean your rear cassette and front chainrings as well.

Smoove Universal Chain Lube Review

Once the setup is clean it is time to apply the Smoove Universal Chain Lube. Whilst turning the pedals apply the lube to the inside of the chain to ensure it gets nicely worked in. Ensure you don’t use too much lube as this will cause residue to build up in the derailleur pulley wheels. When the lube has been applied you need to wait at least one hour before using it, although leaving it overnight is a better option.

My only issue when it came to applying the lube is that it’s quite thin and runny, which means it can quite easily come out of the bottle at a quick pace if you’re not too careful. On my first application, I had this very issue.

Since my first application of this lube, I have put in around 200 miles on my MTB, with no signs of the lube giving in just yet. My gear changes have been consistently smooth with no clunking noises at all, which is a surprise as my previous lube didn’t seem to eliminate these noises very much. My chain is now starting to look a bit filthy though, although is very much likely to have been made worse by riding down muddy trails. I’m also very impressed that the lube is still working so effectively despite the fact I have ridden in rain and through many muddy puddles since applying it.

At a cost of £13.99 the price of this lube may seem a bit steep, but given that it lasts so long and is very effective even when it’s been through the wars, that’s a price I’m willing to pay every so many months to ensure a smooth riding experience from my bike.

Overall Smoove Universal Chain Lube is a godsend that works better than anything else I have used so far. It provides many miles of use from a single application, copes well even in wet conditions and lasts so long you’ll probably only need to buy a few bottles a year.

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  • Gives a few hundred miles per application
  • Copes well even when in wet conditions
  • One bottle lasts quite some time


  • A bit runny

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