Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review: A Perfect Companion For Your Riding Storage Needs

The Rhinowalk Bike Bag bag aims to solve one of cycling’s biggest issues. The lack of storage. Sure you could wear a backpack, but this puts more weight on your back, making up hill climbing a bit harder or you could carry things in your pocket but that’s just awkward. With a generous 10L capacity, this cycling bag by Rhinowalk aims to make storage on your bike much easier and a lot more comfortable.

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Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review: Product features

The following list is taken directly from the product listing on Amazon. There may be some grammar or spelling mistakes. Some have been corrected, but others have been left in, as I’m not sure if they are intentional, such as the word ”weldong”.

Air Kinematics Design: The under seat bag uses a streamline design to reduce air resistance to the minimum for your high-speed cycling experience.

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review

100% Waterproof: With the same material with canoe and high-frequency seamless weldong technology, provides better waterproof performance to protect your valuables from water, dirt, and dust, easy to clean and durable.

Keel Design: Surrounded by the use of panel support, to protect the internal items from the extrusion, so that the whole body can still keep strong even without anything in it.

The tail bags adopt a special design with no zip and provide a 10L large storage room, for various bike tools and your personal effects. The length of the bike rear bag can be adjusted to be applied in different situations.

Easy Install More Steady: 4 points with strong fixed, bag on bicycle won’t waggle when shaking, buckle with straps made with imported material even if the long ride, it won’t shake or tear.

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review: Design and installation

In terms of design this saddle bag isn’t too much different from most other saddle bags on the market. It’s designed to sit comfortably under the rear of the seat, while securely strapped on at four points.

Once installed to the bike, the bag does look pretty good, particularly when full, well I think it looks good, but that may depend on whether or not you like long things sticking out of the back of your bike. That said, if the bag isn’t full you can fold the back of it over, to allow it to appear slightly smaller.

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review

There is a flexible removable board inside, that is used to provide strength to the bag, with this in place the bag feels strong and durable. This gives me confidence that the contents of the bag will remain safe in transport.

Instead of zips to keep it closed, this saddle bag is closed securely using velcro straps on the opening. This allows a much wider opening as well as the ability to use all of the storage space offered by the bag. The velcro does a fantastic job of the keeping the bag sealed, in fact, it’s just as good as a typical zip.

On the exterior of the bag is space for mounting a light. I haven’t done this yet as my bike light is in a pretty decent position as it is, but the inclusion of these does show the manufacturer has thought of the little but important things when it comes to bike riding.

Since it hangs out over the rear wheel, it also eliminates the need for a rear mudguard, as it catches the mud itself. I personally have decided to keep my mudguard installed, just on the basis that it does a good job, but the saddle bag is always there, should I decide to take it off.

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review

If you do a lot of riding when out in the rain, you’ll be pleased to know, this saddle bag is waterproof, which means the contents of it, will remain dry when out and about.

One thing I have noticed about the saddle bag is that it strongly smells like fish. I’m not sure why, but I guess somewhere along the manufacturing line, that some sort of fish product is used.

Installation of the bag is quite easy. There are no instructions included, but it is pretty much common sense. Start by wrapping the two large straps around your seat’s pole and securing them back through the loops onto the velcro surface. Then find the seat support straps and run the smaller part under the seat (one on each side) and then simply clip them into the counter straps. The end result is a stable saddle bag that doesn’t move around freely.

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review: In use

This saddle bag has come in extremely useful for my needs. I carry a few things around with me, in the event of an emergency, such as a puncture, when out and about. The 10L space gives me plenty of room for my handheld pump, puncture repair set and a set of inner tube, as well as a thin jacket for times when the weather might become a bit unpredictable. You could even stick a bottle of wine in the thing and still have room for more stuff.

It’s also very sturdy when the bike is in motion. I have used it on all types of road conditions from smooth to cobbled and I have even taken my bike off-roading with it on. It simply stays in one position throughout the entire ride.

Rhinowalk Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag Bicycle Bag Under seat Bag Rainproof Mountain Road Bike Seat Bag Bicycle Bag Professional Cycling Accessories
  • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: Made of super-light 600D TPU material, provides the best waterproof performance to protect your valuables from water, dirt, and dust. Adopts high frequency welding technology, durable, cold-resistant, age-resistant, solid and easy to clean.
  • CONCISE STYLE:Well designed shape to reduce air resistance to the minimum, for your high speed cycling experience.
  • Easy Installation and Quick Release: The sticky loop and hook strap and quick-release buckle help to fix the bag on the saddle rack and seat post easily and firmly, suitable for most types of bicycles.
  • Rhinowalk is focus on bicycle bags,Please contact us if you need more help or you have any questions.
  • Small-Size: 7.5"×2.2"×3.9" Volume: 1.0 L

Rhinowalk 10L Bicycle Saddle Bag Review: Overall

The Rhinowalk 10L bicycle saddle bag is a perfect companion for your storage needs. The space it provides is enough for essentials like tools, repair kits, drinks and a jacket. It looks pretty decent and is really easy to set up. My one issue, is the smell of fish, when up close to it.

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