KT-Sports Bike Saddle Bag Review

The KT-Sports bike saddle bag is a great solution to a bike rider’s problems. If like me, you love being out on your two wheels, you’ll understand just how awkward logistics can be while on a bike. Serious riders often have to carry a few things such as tools, a puncture repair kit and a small hand pump just to name a few. This means needing somewhere to keep it all while you ride and while there are tonnes of options in the world of bike bikes, some are far to over the top for basic tool needs. Luckily saddle bags are here and they provide just enough room to store basic essentials.

It’s a fairly simple saddle bag, but in this case, that’s alright as that means there’s more room for stuff. Don’t let the small looking size fool you, once open there’s plenty of room. I currently have a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, multi-tool, a spoke spanner and a mini hand pump in mine. Since I don’t need much else, the bag is perfect for me.

KT-Sports Bike Saddle Bag Review

Installation is fairly simple. The KT-Sports Bike Saddle Bag uses a simple strap system that wraps around the underside of your seat, while one strap wraps around the seat pole. I did find that I had to double wrap the straps under the seat as the saddle bag was too loose, even at their tightest adjustment. The double wrap seems to work though.

KT-Sports Bike Saddle Bag Review

On the zip shut door of the bag is a little hoop that allows you to mount a bike light, which is perfect as the bag takes away any normal space to safely mount a light. The loop works well and so far my light has stayed in place with no issues.

Overall the KT-Sports bike saddle bag offers a decent amount of storage for the basic essentials every biker should have. It’s easy to install, looks pretty good and even has space to attach a rear light for added safety.

KT-Sports Bike Saddle Bag Review

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  • Easy to install
  • Plenty of room
  • Space to attach a rear light


  • Needs a bit of extra work to ensure it sits securely

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