Enkeeo Foot Activated Bike Pump Review: Pump It With Your Foot

Enkeeo Foot Activated Bike Pump Review: Introduction and product features

First of all, welcome to my Enkeeo foot activated bike pump review. This is a small foot pump that unlike traditional foot pumps has been designed to fit easily into a rucksack, meaning you no longer have to use an awkward hand pump.

The following product information list is taken directly from the product listing page on Amazon.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: only 0.9lbs (0.408kg) in weight, easy to carry around; you can put it away in your garage; it saves space and keep your garage away from disarray
  • PRESTA & SCHRADER COMPATIBLE: the dual pump head has both Presta and Schrader valves for all kinds of bikes; sports ball needle and inflation cone included
  • EFFORTLESS PUMPING: foot activated pump motion makes sure you won’t wear yourself out using this bike pump; you can get your tire inflated in few seconds
  • TRUSTWORTHY PERFORMANCE: provides 120 PSI of pressure with a vertical pumping motion; accurate gauge prevents accidental tire blowouts
  • DURABILITY AND TOUGHNESS: made for long term use; well-engineered with sturdy aluminium alloy tube, firm plastic base and non-slip foot pad

Enkeeo Foot Activated Bike Pump Review: Design

The design of this foot pump is fairly straightforward, although most likely not what you were expecting. In terms of looks, it’s like a smaller version of a track pimp, but instead of a handle you push down on with your hands, you have a stump, that you push down with your foot.

Enkeeo Foot Activated

With the stump set up, ready to push down the total height of the pump is 26.5cm and when down the total height is only 17cm. That means when not in use, the pump will easily fit in most medium to large sized backpacks. Pair this with the weight which is 0.408KG and you have a pump that easy to carry, without causing you any problems later.

There’s a bracket in place that sits over the stump, when not in use, to keep it down. It’s easy to place the bracket over the stump and just as easy to remove it. It feels quite secure and hasn’t so far come off on its own.

Enkeeo Foot Activated

A nice little feature that’s included with this pump, is the built-in pressure gauge, which sits at the bottom of the cylinder. The display shows a range from 0 to 160 psi and 0 to 11 bar. The numbers on the card inside are large enough to read and easy enough to see as they are white against a black background. The gauge needle itself is red in color.

One area where this pump disappoints me is the air tube. It’s too short, which means you have to be right next to the wheel with next to no room for moving back a bit. This means, the pump also has a tendency to fall over as the tube is arched making it possible for the base to lift slightly. This can be quite annoying as you would imagine.

The tip has two ports, instead of one interchangeable port like most other Schrader/ Presta combi pumps I have used. This means no fiddling around changing over small parts every time you need to switch between the two types. It’s simply a case of just choosing the right hole for your valve type.

  Enkeeo Foot Activated

Enkeeo Foot Activated Bike Pump Review: In use

Using this foot pump by Enkeeo is quite easy in all honesty. Since there’s no need to change out the valve type, it’s all rather straightforward, when switching between my mountain bike with Schrader valve and road bike with Presta valves. All that needs doing is securing the tip onto the valve, releasing the bracket that holds the stump down and lastly pumping it with the foot.

As I mentioned earlier, the short air tube causes the pump to fall over too easily, which is a major annoyance. I find myself having to have the pump resting against something when using it and even then it still doesn’t feel stable. When it does manage to stay up, it is fantastic and with the right amount of foot pressure pumps up my wheels in no time at all, giving me more time to enjoy the ride itself.

Enkeeo Foot Activated

Enkeeo Foot Activated Bike Pump Review: Overall

I have to say, this pump is fantastic and does a wonderful job, well when it manages to stay standing up that is. With the exception of the short hose and the falling over issue, there’s a lot to love about this pump. It looks good, fits nicely in many rucksacks, has a proper two in one tip and lastly comes with a built-in pressure gauge. It’s a feature-packed pump that could easily score full marks if it wasn’t for those two major issues.

DMLNN Bike Foot Pump with Gauge, Universal Presta & Schrader Valve Foot Activated Aluminum Alloy Barrel Portable Mini Bike Tire Air Pump Bicycle Floor Pump with Pressure Gauge & Free Gas Ball Needle
  • [ Foot Activated Design with Pressure Gauge] ---- Anti-slip retractable pedals, firm plastic base, max 160 PSI / 11 Bar pressure gauge, prevents accidental tire blowouts. Foot Activated inflating is more labor-saving and more sturdy, fast pumping and time saving.
  • [ Portable and Lightweight ] ---- Easy to Carry. The foot pump weighs 400g, just a little heavier than two iPhone 8 plus, and the height is 17 cm, so it can be easily fitted in your packsack and convenient to pump anywhere after shrinking.
  • [ Dual Valve Head with Thumb Lock ] ---- The bike foot pump with gauge is compatible with Presta & Schrader dual valves. Smooth surface, good sealing, good pumping performance. No adapters or adjustments needed, Thumb lock ensures a tight seal and no air leaks.
  • [ Durable and Stable ]---- High-strength Aluminium alloy inner and outer barrel. Smooth surface. No paint stripping, no rusting, more wear-resistant. And the rubber tube of the portable air pump is detachable, frost-proof and high-temperature resistance. Durable quality to use longer and save money.
  • [ Wide Range of Application ] ---- The foot pump can inflates for bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, sports balls, swimming rings and inflatable pool. A sports ball needle and a gas needle included.


  • Small and light
  • Two in one tip (with two holes instead of one)
  • Built-in pressure gauge


  • Short air tube
  • Falls over easily

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