Bespoke Bike Stand Review: Compact Solution For Your On The Go Bike Maintenance Needs

The Bespoke bike stand by Bespoke Bike Stands is most likely a product you haven’t heard much about, but since you’re here, you probably have come across Bespoke bike stands on Facebook. As their name implies they produce Bespoke bike stands that are compatible with MTB’s, some e-bikes and even road bikes, as long as they have a hollow crank/bottom bracket setup. Unfortunately, Bespoke Bike Stands sell only through Facebook at this moment in time, however, they have plenty of customer’s who are happy to show their new bike stands off on their Facebook page, which means you know you can buy from them and you’re not getting ripped off by some dodgy dude on the other side of the world.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review: Products features

  • Can be made to fit a range of different hollow crank sizes, whereas their competitor (Andy Stands) only offers 20mm sizes.
  • Can be designed for Shimano, Hope and other brands of crank.
  • Easy to transports, due to its compact size.
  • Designed by MTB enthusiasts.
  • Works with MTB’s, road bikes, hybrids and even some e-bikes.
  • Available in a range of different colors.
  • No setting up required.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review: Design

The most noticeable thing about this bike stand is its design. It’s not like the bulky maintenance stands you would find in your local bike shop. It’s much smaller and therefore a hell of a lot easier to chuck in the back of a vehicle, which makes it perfect for taking with you on those days on the trails, where you will be performing routine maintenance on your bike. Since it’s a solid product with no removable parts, you don’t have to worry about losing anything such as nuts, bolts and other important parts. Unfortunately, this does mean it’s not adjustable, so there are no height options.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review

In terms of looks, this is a tri pointed stand, meaning the legs sit outwards, while the top part sits in the middle. This makes for an extremely sturdy stand that is able to hold many different weights of bike.

There are several different colors to choose from. When you order from Bespoke Bike Stands, you simply tell them the color you want and they’ll get one built up and painted in your desired color before shipping it off you. I have the blue version and must say I am simply impressed with the finish. The paint is smooth with no bumps, drips or rips. The guys have done a fantastic job in ensuring a smooth color finish.

The design of the Bespoke bike stand, means that your bike’s front wheel will always be touching the ground since the front end of most bikes tends to weigh more than the back-end. This means the rear wheel is suspended in mid-air, giving you the perfect angle to adjust gear indexing if needed and while on the subject of indexing, you will be happy to know the stand allows for pedal rotation, meaning you can easily check your gears change as you turn the pedals.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review: In use

Thanks to the no clamp needed mounting method, setting up my bike on this stand is as easy as counting to five. All that the user has to do, is simply lift their bike so that the hole in their hollow crank is level with the rounded bar of the stand and then simply slot the hard pole in. The bike is now ready to be worked on or even cleaned.

While I do a majority of at home maintenance work on my bikes using a clamp style work stand, the Bespoke bike stand has come in extremely handy, particularly for cleaning my bike and performing small maintenance jobs such as indexing and brake pad replacement. The real ace to this small stand is that it’s so easy to throw into the back of a car or van and take along with you. I have thrown mine in the back of my mate’s car and used it out on rides for both my mountain bike and road bike.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review

Bespoke Bike Stand Review: Where to buy

As I mentioned earlier, the company currently only sells nationally through their Facebook page, however, they have informed me they are currently in the process of sending units out to retailers to trial, so it won’t be too long before these are on shop shelves. As well as this the guys are also working on a website.

If you live in or near Manchester, you’ll be glad to know you can collect one from Trafford Park and pay upon collection. If you’re not so lucky to live up in the glamorous North of England, you can order one from their Facebook page by sending them a message. The price is £30 plus £8 for delivery.

Bespoke Bike Stand Review: Overall

A simple yet brilliant product. It’s well made, easy to use and most importantly it can be there for you when a large work stand cannot. It’s a shame that it can only be used for hollow cranks, but hey, who knows maybe one day, there’ll be a way to use it with all crank types. If you do have a hollow crank though and need something simple but effective, I would definitely recommend heading over to their Facebook page here and enquiring about one for your crank type.

CXWXC Bike Repair Stand -Shop Home Bicycle Mechanic Maintenance Rack- Whole Aluminum Alloy- Height Adjustable (rs100) (Champagne)
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATABLE CLAMP & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BODY- Clamp with lever can hold your bike super steady, adjustable height make sure your waist comfortable during work
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM ALLOY BARREL – Lighter, no corrosion, easy carry, easy storage, intensity of aluminum alloy tested can afford max load 60 pounds bike
  • TOOL TRAY WITH MAGNET- Big tray has customized place for different tools, more space-efficient, also magnet can collect crews and nuts without missing
  • FRONT WHEEL NO SHAKE- Tighten rod included in the package won’t let the front wheel swivel when you are working, the tighten rod is also length adjustable
  • SUPER STEADY TRIANGLE BASE WITH RUBBER FEET- Holds bikes steady, rubber feet antiskid and won’t scratch floor


  • Small and compact Perfect for carrying in the back of a vehicle.
  • Cheap at only £30 plus £8 postage.
  • Wide selection of colors.
  • Easy to use.


  • Only supports bikes with hollow crank/bottom bracket setup.
  • Only available through Facebook or collection in person from Manchester. (Although currently being trialled by some stores with possibility of stocking)

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